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shakt1 Jan 19, 2009

  1. shakt1

    shakt1 New Member

    Hi forum members

    Only just purchased the Audi (A3 TDI 2004):sm4:

    and now cannot make my mind up whether to install my Apline CD player or to keep the standard Concert CD Player with 6CD autochanger (glovebox). OR to invest in a Phatnoise:wacko:

    It is a non BOSE setup and am sure there must be a sub in the boot somewhere because it sounds fairly punchy for a standard setup compared to my previous VW.

    I would really like the option to play my MP3 cd's but without the hassle of messing around with wiring configurations and lossing quality of sound from my rear speakers.

    Any advice welcome. Thanks:salute:

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