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  1. jpda4

    jpda4 Member

    have decide it's time for a change of motor.....
    my toughts have turned to the A6, previouls owned A3 and driving an 07 plate A4, so really the next logical step should be A5 ........
    Any how i have seen an A6 and had a test drive very nice motor, and has a few more gadgets than mine.
    car i have seen is a 2011 plate, 2.0 (170) se, ex demo, price tag circa £24k, paid for by px offered and bank loan or audi finance, audi currently offering some kind of deal, free servicing....dont have that kind of money laying about, if only, lol.
    its a lot of money for the short, 4 mile, joureny to work each day, for it to sit in a carpark
    not sure if i should look at a another brand, merc, bmw, 'what car' also recomend jag, or do i go for a cheaper option and save a fortune....
    when changing i like to go for a car less than a year old and keep for 4-5 years

    any thoughts to aid my decision?


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