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Digital Tuning Box

djjbails Jan 16, 2006

  1. djjbails

    djjbails New Member


    I drive a A3 2.0tdi sport.

    It seems everyone knows about the 150ohm resistor over the fuel temp sensor lead for anolgue tuning. I made mine myself and also made them to sell on ebay but how do the digital boxes work and what components are required???

    I'm sure there will be someone out there willing to spill the beans!!!

    Been looking into serial tuning too, a pal of mine has some software and a k-line lead to connect to the ECU and change turbo boost etc.. Sounds good to me except he doesn't have a .dll file required for my ECU, it's too new. Any one managed to connect to a A3 2.0tdi? What results??


    James B
  2. owdgit

    owdgit Member


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