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Different width alloys ?

Stubie Aug 16, 2012

  1. Stubie

    Stubie Member

    Is it true that Quattro doesn't get on with different width alloys ? Eg 8.5j front and 9.5j rear ?
    Sure I've read it somewhere !!
  2. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    not so much different widths more different overall diameters/rolling circumferances.

    if your fitting the same size tyres to the 8.5 and the 9.5. you'll undoubtedly have a bit of stretch on the 9.5s. this might mean less rolling circumference on the rears.
    whether its enough to annoy the quattro system i dont know.....
    but also the abs/traction/esp... should imagine at moterway speeds the front wheels registering 140kph and the rears 138kph?

    i wouldnt worry imo, what your proposing is probably within the working tolerances of both systems tbh.
  3. Greeny233

    Greeny233 It's all about the V8. Team V8 Team Silver Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I have 9.5" rears on my Quattro and 8.5" on the front with 235/35-19 all round and have no problems at all. As Murran said the overall circumference will be slightly less with the stretch on the rear but should be within tolerance.
  4. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    As above its the rolling radius but it is usually good practice to have the same spec all round not to mess up the 4x4 grip etc...

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