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differences between blb engine and bkd?

chrisk1700 Apr 12, 2012

  1. chrisk1700

    chrisk1700 Member

    PLEASE enlighten me?? as someone has fitted a bkd to my blb audi a4
  2. A4Ade

    A4Ade Active Member

    The BLB is the engine known for failing due to a problem with the chain driven oil pump. AFAIK the BKD isn't on the list of culprits, so maybe your car suffered a failure and had the engine replaced?
  3. chrisk1700

    chrisk1700 Member

    possibly what im thinking but now it has the issues that iv stated in my other threads, im gonna get the injectors read, ask them to check operation of the egr valve and also if they can adjust the fueling in there computer, after that im into checking the timing and sorting, if any, faults on the injectors. NO ONE EVER SOLVES THESE RUNNING ISSUES. WE SHOULD ALL PICK A DATE AND LEAVE OUR CARS OUTSIDE AUDI. GETTING REALLY PISSED OFF NOW
  4. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    no-one seems to follow basic fault finding procedure thats why. its all try this try that, could be this could be that. depending on what garage you go to.

    so many possibles of poor running on these producing very similar characteristics with little difinitive help from diagnostics.

    wierd not seen or heard of anyone fitting a bkd to replace the blb.

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