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Difference's between 2006/07 1.9TDI Sports AND 2006 2.0TDI S-LINE's

vw99 Aug 1, 2012

  1. vw99

    vw99 New Member

    Hi guys! Im new on here. Im currently looking for an a3 but with a £6k budget it is proving difficult to find a nice 2.0tdi 3 door s line a3. Because of this I was thinking of buying an 07 model 1.9tdi sport, getting the front and rear 2007 s line bumpers, the s line spoiler, coilovers and 19" speedlines.

    I just want to know what are all of the differences between the 2007 1.9tdi sport and the 2007 2.0tdi s line. Im talking interiors and exteriors. Im not fussed about performance as I dont drive fast.


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