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Difference between 210 and 225 S3s

barl Aug 30, 2003

  1. barl

    barl New Member

    My first post...(sorry for the thick questions)

    I'm currently looking to buy another S3 (previous car was a S3 with 210BHP).....which is up for sale at present...
    Other than the obvious bhp difference, what are the other notable differences between the 210 and 225 versions (I believe the 225 version came out in Oct 2001), I ask for a few reasons....

    1. I'm looking to get the new car chipped...any differences between the 210 and 225 engines in terms of chipping them? Are there major differences in power/torque/bhp increase between the 2?
    2. Are there any differences in handling, performance?
    3. Are the build qualities the same?
    4. Does anyone have a 225bhp or chipped S3, thats done under 40000 miles for sale?

    Mr Wizard
    PS..cracking forum by the way....
  2. DavidR

    DavidR Active Member


    1. Apparently not. I have good information on 2 210 S3s that are producing the same (and sometimes more) power that a 225. The engines are the same, and the 210 chip was purely marketing related to keep the S3 below the TT
    2. Handling, no, unless the 225 has the upgraded sports suspension which was an option for a while. Performance wise, there will be very little in a head to head, but the 225 OEM does feel a little more urgent. Doesn't really matter when a decent chip is onboard.
    3. AFAIK, yes
    4. Probbably, but with the above points borne in mind (and that the fastest chipped S3 I have seen was a 210) you should hunt out a low milage S3 with either engine, so long as it is the facelift model. There was an old shape and new shape of course, and the new shape came with both the 210 and 225 engine...

    Glad you like the forum

  3. kmpowell

    kmpowell Member


    What 210 have you got? I am in the market for one. IM me with specs and price etc.

  4. paultaylor

    paultaylor Member

    I had a 2001 210 S3 for six months but I got my 2002 225 S3 two months ago and the handling is SO much better on my 225!

    I had been told that they handle better on 18"s but to my delight the 14,000 mile minter I bought had Pirelli P-Zero Rossos, which won a recent Autocar tyre test, the net result is a lovely sharp turn in and balance on entry and thru corners. Whereas the ESP used to cut regularly on my 210 it rarely features on my 225 in the dry.

    In the comments section in the car guide of EVO they say much improved handling but dead steering, I don't for sure what mods they made but the setup on current model is spot on.

    It could just be the advantage of 18"s on Rossos over 17"s on ContiSports, but all in all it feels like different car!

    Power wise it feels exactly the same, one friend of mine said that my 210 felt quicker!

    The only down side to 18"s and 40 section tyres is on Irish roads I've already chipped two rims, I bought it in London and the drive to Hollyhead was like a dream compared to cart tracks we have for roads in Ireland.

    This is my first post on a top forum!


    2002 225 Black S3
  5. barl

    barl New Member

    1999 V Reg AUDI S3 Quattro
    FASH, metallic black, Cream leather Recaros, Cream interior, Computer, 6CD BOSE Sound System, Climate Control, Xenons, Airbags, PAS, ABS, Alarm, immob, 1 owner (me). 103000 miles (Motorway miles).
    Tyres: Bridgestone S03s
    All Service Schedules, receipts
    Just had £2000 spent on last 2 services (including new cambelt)


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