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dieseltuning.nl chiptune box??

44nas May 5, 2013

  1. 44nas

    44nas New Member

    Hi all! has anybody had any experience with such a box? "dieseltuning.nl" essing tuning?, i have acquired it from a customer, he had it on his bmw x3, jaguar xf, and a couple of other cars and says it can be tuned to whatever car you want, he says hes never had a problem with it and has used it on all his cars, now im not familiar with it and thats why im a little skeptical about getting it tuned and put on my car ( 2010 audi a4 2.0tdi quattro 170), it says id gain upto 201bhp and 413nm from standard, id like some advice please thank you.

    this is the site Product

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