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Diesel & Petrol

R14AYN Oct 22, 2007

  1. R14AYN

    R14AYN Driving like it was stolen

    My last 2 Audis were of the oil burning verity, I know that new engines supposedly don’t need run in but in my experience if you do the first 10k a bit on the hard side then you end up with better economy & a better pulling engine......
    However I've just ordered a 2.0 TFSI and haven't driven petrol in about 6 years so what’s your opinion on the best way to ensure you get the most from your engine (without mods)?
  2. mfspen

    mfspen Member

    I ran mine in reasonably gently - not going over 4000rpm for the first 1000 miles. But I think more importantly, don't go above 3000rpm, before the engine is fully up to temperature.

    It seems to work for me. Performance is good, and the engine is very smooth and quiet. As for economy, I get 29-30mpg on my 10 min runs to work, and up to 38mpg on a long run.
  3. sputnik

    sputnik Member

    In my experience if they are driven hard from day one they use less oil between services as well.
  4. unkle

    unkle Beer God

    I did the same as you, diesels for a few years then a petrol car, Im pretty sure my Golf has the same engine as yours but with a few extra bits, it was dreadfully slow at first so I tended to give it some welly but then after 3k it loosened up really well and now flies, havent put a drop of oil in it so far and its nearly 10 months old...

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