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diesel insurance on A3

rickparmar Dec 13, 2004

  1. rickparmar

    rickparmar Active Member

    Could some of you tel me how much u pay 4 an A3 diesel on insurance

    could u state ur age, bhp and what insurance comp u with, also if u had n e accidents

    as u may of heard am in a bit of a Sh!t

    thanks all and sorry 4 bein pushy
  2. not an a3, but i pay £748 fully comp on my a4 2.5 tdi with elephant.
    im 21 and have 1 years no claims, one no fault accident.
    try elephant and add your parents on, it reduced mine by £300 adding my mum on the insurance policy.
  3. Karcsi

    Karcsi Member

    2.0 TDI Sport, 29, 1 year NCB, low crime area, parents on policy, £500 with £250 excess with Elephant.

    Elephant definately look like the best. The next price up was £1200 from Direct Line! The highest quote was £2000!!
  4. a3 tdi 110bhp
    i'm 26 & 5yrs no claims
    with elephant - £795 fully comp &£250 excess

    also look at admiral and belldirect (all closely linked - but some prices differences)

  5. tboy

    tboy Member

    try Sainsbury's Insurance. I'm 26, 4yrs NCB, with 2 non-fault accidents, and that's £600 fully comp a year, for a A4 TDI 130 SE doing 25k miles pa.
  6. gizze

    gizze Member

    I am 31, with full no claims.

    '04 tdi S-line with protected no claims, just under £300 a year!! thats with Tesco.

    I have moved out of the city recently but that only dropped it by less than £50.
  7. DAF

    DAF Member

    Just turned 32 this december ive full NCD protected no calims with my partner on it she is 35. Its with Tesco on line £325 all in cant get better any where. good luck.
  8. moschino

    moschino Member

    Tesco was also the cheapest company i could find for my a4 1998 tdi, £289 full comp protected. 32 years old, full no claims discount + wife to drive as well.
    Never made a claim through them so i don't know how good they are.

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