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Diesel cars which one?

Dubplate May 14, 2008

  1. Dubplate

    Dubplate Member

    Its the 150bhp version. Im still waiting to here back from a BMW technician who should be able to clarify if this swirl flap can be removed without affecting the running or alternatively i can replace the swirl flap with the new modified one as the manifold is the same the only difference being is the modified one has a thicker spindle so it should be alot more durable..... i think basically im taking a bit of a gamble but at the end of the day i decided it doesnt matter what car you have there will always be some kind of scare mongering regarding it. I only really need it till the end of my finacial year (next march) and then i'll possibly chop it in for something different or maybe find a contract job with less of a comute, who knows....:think::thumbsup:

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