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Diecast scale models - 2004 Audi A3

clem2192 Apr 15, 2010

  1. clem2192

    clem2192 Member


    Am unsure as to whether this is the correct place to be asking this and I have tried searching the forum but the search function seems about as much good as a chocolate teapot so......

    I am looking to get a diecast scale model of my Audi (2004 3.2 in Black), I know that this is very specific but am willing to just have an A3 in black.

    I have searched the internet and e-bay etc.. but have had no luck in finding places that sell these.

    Does anyone know of places that sell diecast scale models of Audi A3's or maybe even custom models made to order (for a sensible price)?

  2. HotboxDeluxe

    HotboxDeluxe automatic

    Try Minichamps - I've got a black Sportback here on my desk from them, and I think they do the 3-door as well.

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