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Deviantstyling.com HELP!!

andyb_88 Apr 27, 2009

  1. andyb_88

    andyb_88 Member

    I ordered some lights for 180quid on the 16th. Apparently its next day delivery and they still have no arrived.

    After trying to call them on 01384 440887 and getting nothing but answering machine i sent them 3 emails. They replyed back just now and said "we dispatched it on the 17th and it was recieved and signed for on the 20th. Please see


    So im 180quid down and have no item, but clearly some1 else has signed for it... what can i do?

  2. cyanescent

    cyanescent Member

    Contact the delivery company and request to see a copy of the signature. Sadly the drivers for a lot of delivery companies will scribble something on the report and dump the parcel by the door. I've had some items delivered in the past where I've come home, found the parcel on the doorstep and yet the company say they've had that parcel signed for, and the delivery record they have have some illegible squiggle.... Fortunately no-one's yet run off with my stuff!

    If they have a signature, then you need to tell the company that it's not yours or anyone's in the building, kick up a massive fuss and get them to claim it on their insurance....

    Good luck.
  3. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member

    Where was it posted to ? your house?

    Ask the nighbours too as parcel companys have dropped off my parcels next door numerous times!

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