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detailing help for a newbie

Drewvic Nov 22, 2013

  1. Drewvic

    Drewvic Member

    h all
    well im new to the Audi scene
    im already addicted to the tuning side of things and going well
    but next step for me is the detailing side

    im usually take it to the jetwash or to the polish for a clean

    occasionally im a sunday spray abit of wax on and that
    but its time for me to seriously get into the cleaning side of it
    I have a silver a3 1.8t Quattro

    im looking to go the whole hog with my car inside outside, and engine bay
    really wana have a go with the machine polisher aswell when I purchase
    so im looking for any help and advice on what to do and the best products etc to buy please

    thanks all
  2. s3Easty

    s3Easty Member

    There are loads of ways to do it.Also loads of products to use
    Each person has there own preferred way and favourite products.
    Wheels 1st for me NON ACIDIC so it dont corrode your rims..Then use a pre wash which can be snow foam or something like a citrus solution.Then
    I do a 2 bucket wash 1x soapy water 1x clean water, NO sponges, Microfibre wash mitt instead.
    Dry off with microfibre drying towel.
    Then you can use a solution called Iron x. (Great stuff) This will react with any iron on your paint and neutralise it.
    Then wash again and dry.
    Clay bar if you want to get paint uuber smooth.
    Then polish (hand or machine depending on how bad your paint is) this will get rid of any marring or light scratches
    Then wax (carnauba maybe?) that will get the paint glossy looking.
    Then sealant to lock in your hard work if you want.
    Last but not least trim the tyres and wax the wheels
    Stand back and enjoy. lol
    Its hard work but well worth it.

    Thats only the outside..

    Europes Largest Resource for Detailers, Valeters and Car Cleaning is where you will find loads more info. Maybe drop Brodster a PM and get some suggestions as he deals with supplies.
    Prepare to find a new addiction...
  3. mark_S3

    mark_S3 Team Silver

    Sealant first then Wax to finish off ;-)
  4. s3Easty

    s3Easty Member

    Should have had an "or" instead of "then"..lol. I usually do one or the other depending on time/conditions..
  5. scotty76

    scotty76 Well-Known Member Team Phantom Audi S4

    Or rather than buy lots of kit how about finding your local detailer to give you a head start? Then you could buy a few things to keep on top of it.
  6. the_cueball

    the_cueball Active Member

    if I were to start detailing all over again:

    I would get on detailing world, read a few posts from the studio (professionals) and showroom (not so professionals) and get a feel for what's needed.

    look at the professional detailer map and hire one locally to get the car looking great... have a chat to him about what you want for the car, and how you want to maintain it... and go from there...

    there are a million different stages, bits of equipment, and even more products to go through.....

    essentially though, the stages are:

    pre wash
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  7. baderlfc

    baderlfc New Member

    A vote for detailing world here.. A wealth of information and knowledge being shared for newbies right upto professionals.

    Key for me is using a good pre-wash to get the **** off the car, I use foam through an attachment on my pressure washer.

    That then makes washing easier with a basic shampoo like meguiars gold class.

    Then for a happy medium between shine/protection and time/ease of application I go for something like AutoFinesse Tripple or AG super resin polish.

    If I'm doing a proper job which is normally once a year these days I'll also use a clay bar (bilt hamber is best I've used) and I'll machine polish the car using whatever cutting compound i've got then apply a good wax like chemical guys petes 53 which will leave your motor beading for months and makes washing quickly a lot easier.

    It's all down to what level you want to achieve, how much work you want to put into it and how long you have. You can spend hundreds on kit but thats pointless if your not going to use it.
  8. Drewvic

    Drewvic Member

    well thankyou all for your info and help
    thankyou s3easty
    very much like your post very informative on stages
    this is defo something im going to get into quite abit especially with winter coming
    and with me moving and building myself a large garage the car is going from a daily into a little bit of a project so she is going to be tucked away
    will defo be looking at the links you have given me to read up abit more
    very much appreciated thankyou
  9. Drewvic

    Drewvic Member

    hopefully aswell the detailing will take my mind off the few lighting issues im having aswell and not getting anywhere with lol
  10. s3Easty

    s3Easty Member

    Thanks Drewvic.. That is pretty much what cueball as stated above. All the stages will add up to one good looking motor thats well protected from the elements.
    I think getting a local detailer found and having a word is a pretty good idea.. Not thought of that..

    Im sure that the garage will no doubt come in handy as well.
    Happy reading..

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