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Detailing Classic Cars

Mini Type R Mar 5, 2007

  1. Mini Type R

    Mini Type R New Member

    I apologise for this not being Audi related but this is the first time I've heard of detailing.

    Having looked at a lot of these threads I'm impressed at how amazing the cars look after a day, or twos, professional detailing and wondered whether it would be worth having this car professionally detailed. It's always washed and polished with autoglym products and looks good, I just wonder whether it would look even better if done by a professional.

    What do you think, and can you recommend anyone who could do it, it's in Buckinghamshire.



  2. john2garden

    john2garden Gonad

    There is a top man on here called Jedi Night

    Don't know how close he is to you though, cos I'm up north and I wish I was closer to him (not in a gay way mind).

    So he could sort my car out

    Belting car by the way!

  3. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    What a beauty! Certainly looks excellent in the picture, I guess it's not used a lot? I would look at it this way; if the paint is pretty much spot on, and the car not used a lot, then no reason not to continue with your current routine. However, if the paint is showing signs of age (fading, vaused by oxidation), and has fine swirls or scratches, then a professional detail would restore it to excellent condition. Another thing to consider on such a beautiful car is how fussed are you by what it is protected with, and how it looks? Ig you want the very best then I would seriously consider calling on the services of a Zymol licenced detailer, not only to machine polish the paint to perfection, but also to apply one of Zymol's highest spec waxes (Vintage or Royale). These waxes make paint look simply stunning, and offer massive levels of protection, which is great for older cars. Hope that gives you some food for thought, the closest licenced Zymol detailer to you is probably either Parc Ferme or Gleam Auto Valeting. Always happy to chat things over in more detail on the phone if it would help; I look forward to the day I get to work on a proper classic. :)
  4. Mini Type R

    Mini Type R New Member

    Thanks for the information.

    The car does look good when it's polished I just think it could look better. The car is used, about 1000 miles a year, but we also enter a few concourses and because the car's pretty much original, 15,000 miles since 1934, some bits look a bit tired so it would be nice to give the paint work a really deep shine, especially the hard to reach areas, to help improve our chances. Having won an earlier concourse we have to enter the elite class which has cars that have been completely rebuilt and are rarely driven.


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