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Detailing advice

JPK Apr 27, 2013

  1. JPK

    JPK Active Member

    I have been collecting a few detailing products lately to do my first full detail on my A3. Some professional, some consumer/retail type products.
    I don't have a DA, pressure washer or snowfoam lance and plan to do it by hand. I also don't have any swirl marks or scratches that could fixed with a cutting type polish. Provided technique is correct, is there anything I would be doing wrong with the below? Or anything i should add or remove.

    Rinse thoroughly then..

    1. Wash car with Meguiars gold class wash and Meguiars microfibre MIT. 2 bucket wash method
    2. Dry using mothers microfibre chamois
    3. Iron-x whole car and agitate lightly with a sponge
    4. Rinse car
    5. Dry using mothers microfibre chamois
    6. Clay bar whole car, using mothers show time detailer as a lubricant
    7. Hand polish car using Meguiars deep crystal polish, Meguiars applicator pad and Meguiars microfibre polishing cloth.
    8. After all excess polish is removed and car is completely dry, apply PolishAngel master sealant, buff off and wait 2 hours until completely set.
    9. Wax car using Meguiars gold class carnauba wax and buff to a shine using a microfibre cloth. Mainly waxing to preserve the expensive sealant and give a warmer look to the finish.
    10. Mask off around black exterior trim and apply 303 aerospace protectant. Buff off once it has had a couple of minutes on the surface.
    11. Clean windows with mothers glass cleaner and a microfibre glass cleaning pad. Apply rain-x.

    Wheels will be washed using gold class wash as they are fairly new and in great condition. Dry with microfibre and apply planet polish wheel sealant. Will use a basic silicone type spray to dress the tyres.
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