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Dent in strange place!

Nickpap Mar 3, 2008

  1. Nickpap

    Nickpap Member

    Hi there,

    I am looking to buy an Audi S3, 03 plate. The bodywork is in excellent condition other than a little dent between the B and C pillar above the rear window (So not on the roof panel, but the panel that goes around the window and touches the roof panel) - I hope that makes sense.

    It is very small, like someone just pushed thier finger on it and left a dent their.

    I know its not a big deal, but small things like that annoy me.

    does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. TFSI

    TFSI Born to Fish

    My 1st A3 was 5 days old when a lady :no: TT driver opened her door onto the rear panel.
    Only a very slight dent but everytime i went to the car i would look at it so it had to go.
    Used the guy that Audi get in to remove dents and it was rolled/pushed out from the inside and looked perfect for £30.

    In your location i would say its probably a filler/paint job but it may be worth an enquiry to a dent man
  3. Nickpap

    Nickpap Member

    It is in a difficult place, and I dont fancy a fill and paint job, I think it will always show up different to the rest of the car pannels.....probably puts people, if I then try to sell the car.
  4. james b

    james b Member

    Could try a PDR dent guy they may be able to get there

    When i saw this thread title, i thought you where going to say in your wallet LOL
  5. Nickpap

    Nickpap Member

    He he...well, I am buying the car on Wednesday, and that will definatley leave a £12k dent in my wallet.
  6. Longman

    Longman vassdignostics.co.uk

    I had a Clio 172 a while ago and that had a really small but visible dend in the front door window frame. When I went to get some scratches sorted, I mentioned it to them.

    They said that, unless there is some way to get the other side of it to push it out, then its difficult not to make a problem worse. Sometimes filling and painting can make is more visible, depending the colour.

    I ended up leaving it there...

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