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Dension iPod interface - Any good?

AndyCollins Jul 7, 2004

  1. AndyCollins

    AndyCollins Member

    Hi guys

    I have just purhsed an iPod, which I intend using in my A4. I have been doing my research and intially intended using an iTrip, allowing me to play the iPod through my radio, combined with a regular cigar lighter type charger. However, I have recently come across the Dension ICE link, which provides a cradle for the iPod, will charge it, and will allow you to control it from the standard Concert head unit, using the CD changer input. It all seems a little too good to be true and just wondered if any of you guys have any experience of using this kit, and how effective it is?

    Any advice would be gratefully received


  2. sash

    sash Member

    I have it installed in my s4 and its fine, does what is says on the tin.

    I have my brodit holder along side the hand brake in the little recess behind the cigar lighter. It fits in there with a little modification. I didnt want it on the dash as i quite like my dash and didnt want brackets sticking out and making it look messy.

    I did a review for it on this or rs246.com. cant seem to find it at the mo

    I havent listened to the radio, CD or tape since ive had it installed.

    Sound quality is much better than an iTrip which i also tried (**** when being used in an audi, to do with the location of the antennae).

    Even with the bluetooth kit, when a call comes in the ipod is paused and then when the call is ended it plays, just as it should.

    When you switch input source on your HU it turns off your ipod, which is perfect for saving the juice in your batts if you're not using the power lead (which you have to get your self).

    Great bit of kit.
  3. sash

    sash Member

    You could use the iTrip in this situation, although you cannot control it from the HU you can place it just about anywhere as there will be no connecting wires to worry about.

    Not sure what the reception is like on your Alpine HU but if it is better than the standard audi HU then it may be worth considering.

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