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Dension Ice Link Plus into S3

aliperry Oct 3, 2008

  1. aliperry

    aliperry New Member

    Hi Chaps, Recently bought a Dension ice link plus off ebay for a very reasonable price but before fitting it I am wanting to know of anybodys experiences with such product? I will be fitting it to my Concert headunit. I am also looking at getting the other lead to keep the CD changer aswell? Has anybody done this? Any input will be greatly appreciated!! Ali
  2. Wanos

    Wanos New Member


    I have had the Dension Ice Link Plus installed for over 3 yrs in My S3, tis awesome, i have it installed instead of the multi changer, as did not see a reason to have both :)

    Only thing that is tricky is the control between the Dension Ice Link Plus UI and iPod UI, it baffles me, so anybody who knows how to control the unit between the two interfaces please advise :D

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