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Dension Ice Link plus CD changer into Chorus ??

Masterm8fo Feb 8, 2005

  1. Masterm8fo

    Masterm8fo Warmonger

    Anyone know if it is possible to have both at same time ???

    I love the idea of getting my iPod hooked up but dont wanna lose my CD Changer
    is there an adapter of anykind that i can use to connect 2 external sources ??????????
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

  3. Masterm8fo

    Masterm8fo Warmonger

    was gonna shout 'fantastic' till i scrolled down and saw the price.......hahahahah

    well - i think the adapter and dension link is on my list for birthday in april then

    thanks for the link mate - pleased that someone out there thought of an exact bit of kit to remedy the problem

    do you have any personal experience of this particular adapter ??
    would it be something that a complete amateur like myself would be able to fit ?

    am a little concerned about the switch for the source (wether ipod or cd changer) and where to mount etc. etc. drilling dash etc. (dont really want holes or mess!!!)

    appreciate your advice anymac !

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