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Dension Gateway 100

DaveA3-TDI Feb 20, 2012

  1. DaveA3-TDI

    DaveA3-TDI Member

    Looking to get a Dension Gateway 100 for my A3, can anyone tell me if this will work with the Spotify app on an iPhone? I want to be able to play the offline music that is synced to the spotify app through the doc connector?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Cruiser89

    Cruiser89 Advanced In Car Tech Site Sponsor

    In theory, if you set the Dension to IPod UI mode rather than Gateway mode it unlocks the iPod screen when connected and gives you the freedom to navigate etc etc.

    When I had the 100 In my last A3 I could play music through the YouTube app. It all depends if the Spotify App allows the music through the dock connector when it's plugged in.

    I'd email Spotify app support or check out their FAQs.
  3. DaveA3-TDI

    DaveA3-TDI Member

    Thanks, the spotify app does allow music to be played through the dock connector. Would a Gateway 100 GW16AC1 be the correct unit?
  4. likezeboss

    likezeboss New Member

    BUMP :) 1 year later
  5. Tempy

    Tempy Member

    I've just this week fitted a Dension Gateway 100 into my facelift A3. It works like a charm, although I did initially have some interference from the phone when it searches for a signal. I'm still currently testing whether or not that has worked as I only yesterday relocated the Dension module to the glove box instead of tucked behind the stereo. Fingers crossed on that one.

    Anyway, in answer to the question, there's no reason Spotify shouldn't play through the speakers, but as the other Cruiser89 posted, you'll definitely need to put the Gateway into iPod UI mode to release the screen otherwise it just says "accessory connected" and the iPhone is completely locked down. The issue there is that you will no longer get track names on the DIS, but as the iPhone will now show you what it's playing I didn't see that as a problem.

    At the time of choosing a Dension I could have either gone for the 100 (which has DIS track names) or the Lite (which has no DIS but has a USB port for MP3 playback). I decided to go for the 100 to get the DIS info, but turns out because of the iPod UI mode I don't use it. In hindsight I would have gone for the lite and had the USB connection. You can of course get the 300 which does both, but I was being a tight git :) You live and learn.

    My TomTom satnav quite happily plays audio through the speakers and dims the music when giving direction, so Spotify should work.
  6. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    Second that.

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