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Dension Gateway 100

Higgsy Nov 22, 2010

  1. Higgsy

    Higgsy Hard To Spin

    Hey everyone, i know its probably been covered to death but i was wondering if this Dension ISO Gateway 100 kit will work with my Symphony II, or at least i think its a Symphony II, its the double DIN cd tape radio with 6 disc inbuilt changer.

    Im getting a bit thredders with this whole thing now as ive got a concert III which im not sure will work in my 04 A4 qTS.

    Its a 2004 so would a 2008 HU run with my electronics system? CAN-BUS i think it is?


    Any help is appreciated

    KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG - Dension - Gateway - 100 Audi ISO 37599

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