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Dension gateway 100 plus BTA1000 Bluetooth unit and iPhone cradle

a3sline_nottingham Apr 16, 2012

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    This has been removed from my Audi A3 and comes in 3 parts:

    - First Part) Is the Dension Gateway 100unit, this has the 10 pin connector and the cable then runs into a mini ISO connector/break in cable which attatches to the back or your head unit
    - Second Part) The BTA1000 Bluetooth unit, this connects into the gateway unit via a round Din socket and also a mic which is included
    - The Final part) The iPod/iPhone vent mount cradle which currently has some foam inserts to hold my iphone. It works a treat and allows Music playback via the CD Changer port on your Audi Head unit.

    The unit will then allow track information (track 1, track 2) etc to be visible on your Headunit display and allso the screen in between your clocks. There is no loss in sound quality.

    I have some documents that show installation and operation so i will include these aswell

    Some prerequesits:
    - Your Audi headunit must have a mini iso or quadlock connector at the rear as it will use the CD Changer port to allow Music playback, two cables are supplied, one for quadlock and one for Mini ISO (as i had to purchase the mini ISO cable for my Audi)
    - The cradle allows Music playback

    Cost about £140 originally plus the other cable I bought for my mini ISO head unit

    £100 ovno
  2. Jonny 2.0T

    Jonny 2.0T Member

  3. You have a pm mate :)
  4. leekeene

    leekeene Member

    does this fit anyother stereos from other cars i,e this one

  5. Should fit any with mini ISP or quad lock but I can only vouch for this working on an Audis
  6. Sold via eBay
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