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Delivery Day Dilemma

Xerohour Jul 5, 2009

  1. Xerohour

    Xerohour Active Member

    I took a call from my sales representative at Audi today concerning the delivery date on my new A3 Black Edition. Its due to be built next week (week starting 6th July) and I'm looking at a delivery of 3-4 weeks placing the cars delivery around the end of July/start of august. This is great new apart from the new 59 plate is due 4 weeks later!

    Audi have said they can hold the car to make the new plate or i can take delivery as soon as it arrives. I don't know what to do...

    1# I really need the car as mine current car has gone back under a HP hand-back with Renault and I'm borrowing my parents cars whenever they are free and cadging lifts where ever possible. Not to mention the wait is killing me!

    2# By waiting i get the new plate and it gives me more time to top up the savings after the original deposit hit.

    I'm worried by how the car will be treated while it waits at the dealer if i decide to wait, with prospective customers possibly have an good play/touch with my car not to mention the various door chips and scratches associated with cars being in storage (as per Renault did with my previous car when in for repairs/servicing...which they denied).

    What would you do? or am i just being mental...

    Thanks guys/girls...

  2. markwiggy

    markwiggy Third Gear

    Think I would wait for the new reg if was you, you would only look at waiting around 3 weeks or so after it is delivered. Tell them you want to inspect the car as soon as it is delivered, and make sure it is in the same condition when you collect. The new reg can make quite a difference at trade in when you come to change, maybe £500 or more.

  3. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    I'd hold out for new plate, it will be worth it on Sept 1st!

    Also it matters when selling it on what pplate its on, nobody noticed the registration date, just the plate!
  4. navnayyar

    navnayyar Member

    wait for new plate! if there is any any scratches and wear and tear get discount!
  5. Fast As

    Fast As New Member

    Listen m8 take my advice and,WAIT till 59 plate your car will be more valuable come trade in/sell time,i waited 2 months for my VW golf gti edition 30 to be built in Wolfsburg,then waited another 3 weeks so it was a 08 plate instead of 57,trust me no damage will occur they have very secure compounds,when mine arrived at local dealers,they rang me to say it had arrived and could go down there and have a look(made the wait worse lol),but when march 1st arrived damn was that a good day,laughing all the home,just be sure when you do pick it up to the run engine in for the first 1000 miles,thats not to say dont firmly plant your right foot NOW AND AGAIN....my 2p anyway and enjoy your new car.... :o.k:
  6. 10blazin


    im not being funny but this has to be the maddest of questions WAIT FOR THE NEW REG ......
  7. RyanJonS4

    RyanJonS4 Drive It Like You Stole It

    I'd take delivery asap!!

    I wouldn't trust the audi dealers as far as I could throw 'em!!

    I hope you havn't paid for the so called paint protection **** they charge around
    £300 for?....the money would be much better spent, getting a professional detailer to
    lay down some proper wax.

    If you plan on keeping the car for three years or more, the condition in which it has
    been kept will be more important than the plate its wearing.

    Most of the good weather will prob be over by september....take delivery asap and
  8. Igdos

    Igdos Member

    I think if it was a 58 to an 09 or a 59 to 10 change then this would be a bigger issue but I think 09 to 59 isn't such a biggie...
  9. Xerohour

    Xerohour Active Member

    10blazin i know it seems a silly question but it isnt. If you factor in that i dont currently have a car and usually commute between 50-60miles a day i dont want to take the **** with my parents cars.

    I think the suggestion of inspecting the car thourly before and afetr the 4 week wait time is a good one.

    I would think ill be keeping the car between 3-5 years dependant on its reliability over the first 3 years.
  10. V6Pete

    V6Pete Now running on Bentley's y'all

    Then I agree that after 3 years condition will make far more of a difference than reg.

    The 6 monthly changes have reduced the impact that a new reg makes.

    If you were in no rush for the car and it didn't inconvenience you to hold off, then why not? But if you're car-less then it seems crazy to stay that way.

    Looking at 3 year old cars now, there's no noticeable difference in value between say an 06 and 56 plate - condition / mileage / spec seem to set the price.
  11. ByronM

    ByronM Member

    The plate will account for circa 1.5% - 3% at resale. Not masses of money, but money nonetheless. If it were me? I would be waiting and having it registered September 1st. Remember, the plate dates the car. It maybe as new as the one with an 09 plate, but wearing a 58 detracts somewhat.
  12. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    i had exactly the same situation.. car was reasy first week of feb, i didnt wait! bit im a very impatient person.. couldnt sleep knowing my car was sitting there and could be on my drive..

    it will affect resale a little but do you really care.. were talkin £500 max and im not being funny but audi specify what month a car was built in on thier approved site.. e.g mine would be a (February 2009 58 plate)

    i dunno, just depends how impatient u r! i know what id do!

    and one other thing, they do get scrathed waiting around cause mine did!!
  13. ahaydock

    ahaydock Member

    Personally I would sit it out for a few extra weeks for a '59 plate.
  14. Trev241

    Trev241 Member

    I would take it, I once had a car totaly trashed at the dealer following a break in just prior to delivery, the car was very badly damaged and wheels stolen.
    Also if stood around for a month the brake disks / bells tend to rust pretty badly.
    My S4 is on build week 29 and I ain't leaving it in the hands of the dealer for the sake of being a few hundred quid worse off at trade in time.

  15. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User


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