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Delivery dates, is this typical?

Nproctor Apr 27, 2013

  1. Nproctor

    Nproctor New Member

    I ordered my new Audi A3 sport 2.0 TDI hatchback with a few options on the 7th March, I was told when I paid my deposit over that I would be getting it on or a week either side of the 1st of June, I thought this quite optimistic at the time but trusted the dealer knew more than me.

    About a month later I get a call to say my order had been accepted by the Audi factory and my build date was mid August and I can expect my car mid September. I was obviously pretty shocked by this as had been told through the process that the 3 door cars were much less in demand now.

    Theselast couple of weeks I've been trying to see if I'll get anything to compensate me for this delay. In this time I have experienced some of the worst customer service I've ever witnessed from the sales manager who it was escalated to (constant I'll call you back in 10 minutes and never calling back and then not in the next day when I ring

    Yesterday after e-mailing him he called me back to offer no extra discount, no freebies and no car for the interim period. I have been told I can have my deposit back and cancel my order. I feel a bit over a barrel as I really want an A3 and would prefer the one I've selected from the brochure, and have now wasted 7 weeks with this useless dealer so getting an A3 sooner seems unlikely.

    So Is that typical? Is everyone waiting this long? Is it not an official date until you have your build date?

    Cheers for any input, anyone got ideas what I should do?
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2013
  2. PjDali

    PjDali Member

    If the build period is too much why not take back your deposit and see what stock cars are available elsewhere as from my experience some dealer stock will have popular options included?
  3. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    It is normal for the delivery date to be based on the factory confirmed build date, but the dealer should give a more realistic date. The have access to the main Audi computer system which is updated daily with expected delivery dates and if they are likely to be further delays related to the options chosen. Personally I would definitely try another dealer, if nothing else because of the poor customer service you have been given. What area of the country are you. I'm sure some of us can come up with suggestions for dealers that we had had good service from. Bad dealers offering poor customer service don't deserve to get orders.
  4. Nproctor

    Nproctor New Member

    I'm based in Leeds, the garage in question is the Sheffield one as they were more willing to offer a decent discount... Which I think is why they aren't too worried about keeping my business! Any one had good experiences with dealers up in these parts?

    Think I'll have a look at some stock cars as could be a good deal to be had and obviously will be here much sooner! Thanks for thoughts!
  5. Clewsy

    Clewsy Member

    JCT600 York have been very good to me - as a business customer, can't comment on the retail side.
  6. z1ggy

    z1ggy New Member

    I feel your pain, my order for a 3 door hatch was placed at the end of Jan, confirmed build week is wk 22 so won't see the car till end June (5 months). A colleague at work placed his order for a sportback 2 days before me, at the same dealer, and he picked his car up last week (3 months).
  7. dzankizakon

    dzankizakon Member

    Are there any differences between what you chose and what your colleague chose, in terms of engine, s-tronic, quattro, major options?

    I ordered Sportback 1.4TFSI CoD with s-tronic and they also gave me week 22, and no other information (e.g. precise build week) yet.
  8. AshbyAudi

    AshbyAudi New Member

    I ordered a 2.0 TDI SB in December. Original build date was July, I got it on the 23rd March. Happy days!

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