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Delima - S3 or 330Ci - HELP!!!!

DamoS3Q May 28, 2004

  1. DamoS3Q

    DamoS3Q Member

    Right guys, im really confused and I know im probably gonna get baist replys but im asking for you honest opinions here. Currently I have an S3 - 53 plate, just done some mods ands im really happy with it. However, I have the option of changing it for a lovely 02 plate BMW 330Ci with all the trimmings M-Tech kit etc..its mt bros old car and im "looking" after it for a few days.

    I was set on keeping the S3, def didnt wanna change but after driving the BMW its really growing on me even tho its slower and has the tiptronic gear box thingy! the sound of the straight six is awsome and it looks great too..But it has no turbo godness or quatro drive train...

    I need some help in deciding urgent. A decision has to be made in the next couple of days..



  2. nicks3

    nicks3 Member

    I've had a 328ci and a 330 sport. great cars but much more 'relaxed' than the S3. If you do lots o motorway miles then go for the ci but if you like driving then stick with the S3 mate. I swapped my last car, an E46 M3, back to the S3! mainly due to company car tax though and I missed 4wd and accessible, useable everyday power. With your rempa you'll soon tire of the ci me thinks.
  3. DamoS3Q

    DamoS3Q Member

    i recon wud get bored but i look at th bmw and it has so much more presence than the s3..i dont know
  4. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Stay with the S3!

    You know it makes sense!
  5. StephenBogan

    StephenBogan Member

    I think you are asking the wroung audience? But seen I'm here....S3 all the way.
  6. Gambba

    Gambba Active Member

    For me it's the beemer hands down everytime. If you are serious about your driving then the S3 is not the car for you, the S3 is not a drivers car from factory and only with some tweeks will it match up to an M3 or a sports version of a 3. Seats in the beemers are much more supportive and grippy (Is that a word /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif) than anything Audi can offer, and driving position in the 3 feels so much better than the A3/S3 can offer IMO.

    The only thing to consider is the general costs of the beemer are higher against that of the Audi based on the cars I've owned.
  7. andygs3

    andygs3 New Member

    got offered an 2001 x reg 60,000 330ci coupe in black with bmw 18" rims and factory titnt, full leather real nice car only £13000 i think thats about 3G under normal
  8. noodle

    noodle Member

    I, like others have said, prefer the understated look of the S3, but I do also like the 330ci.

    Tough decision, but at the end of the day I would always go for Audi over BMW when talking about similiar cars.

    Still a tough decision tho'

  9. 4SilverRings

    4SilverRings Member

    The beemer wil turn a few heads and impress the local slappers and on point for point for comfort, cost etc might be a better overall car than the S3 - but ask yourself this - do you really want to drive a car that makes you like like a hairdressers stylist?

    Anyone can buy a beemer and 'think'they are someone - by comparission, only the enlightend few know about the S3, and even less are privilaged to own one!

    Now stop being silly, take ur S3 out in the rain and go from 6th to 4th around something bendy and become englightend once more my son!
  10. mramage

    mramage Member


    I know what you mean Damo. Gotta hand it to BMW, they know how to make a nice straight six /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

    Then again though, I love the boost and 4WD rocks, especially for those of us whose driving is a little rough round the edges /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/angel.gif

    Not sure if that's a good deal on the beemer or not, but I would be tempted as well, have to say.

    Guess I don't like the kinda image that's given off from a fast driven BMW. The S3 is just soo much more subtle on the road.

    I was a lot of help there /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
  11. DamoS3Q

    DamoS3Q Member

    cheers for all the advice guys, still havent come to a conclusion really...

    i think im driving the bmw too much...argh!!

  12. pazaz

    pazaz Member

    Dont do it, cause you will only regret it mate!

  13. wigginer

    wigginer Member

    330Ci would be my personal choice.

    I am not promoting this over the S3 for any other reason than its not in the same class (family size wise ).

    If your thinking of a car in this class why not the A4 3.0 (or S4 even)?

    One of my colleagues changed his A4 3.0 Quattro sport for a 330Ci after 12 months. After a few months he had regrets. He loves the beamer's straight 6 engine. More so after having it Alpine-chipped. He misses internal finish/build quality and looks.

  14. excursion

    excursion Member

    It depends what you want from a car, they are both quite different IMO.
  15. SanityClause

    SanityClause Member

    Your already driving a special car, why give that up for something slower (if a little more flash)?
    BMW's are everywhere, drive into my office carpark and you'll see line upon line of silver Beemers, same on the motorway.
    My red S3 stands out from the crowd, that and the driving experience, the sheer enjoyment of the car made me buy it.
    To me it's a no brainer, S3 hands down.
  16. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    SanityClause said:
    that and the driving experience,

    [/ QUOTE ]

    The S3?
    Are you mad?

    The S3 is not a particularly nice car to "drive" properly...

    However, despite the fact that the 330 is arguably the better "driver's" car...in this instance I'd tend to stick with the S3 for several reasons, most of which have been mentioned before.

    Rarity...the S3 is a reasonably rare car, and one that does not carry a stigma. The same can't be said for the BMW 3 series...rep made good, is what 330 shouts to me.

    Usability...the S3 may not be the best drivers car (it's not...let's face it) but it is immensely usable. It handles reasonably well and had the torque where you need it for everyday driving...combine this with the grip, and it's a winner!

    Build quality...BMW are rated as being top of the class...I don't see it. Audo beats them hands down, S3 vs 3 Series.

    I would have to say that I still believe that on a 95% effort drive, the BMW will be the more rewarding drive...but this is the real worls where we drive on real roads in all weathers...and in this situation the S3 shines.

    Unless you need the extra space (albeit limited gains) or feel the need to impress the members of the local Golf Club / punters at the local wine bar...I stick with the S3.
    ...the S3 is one of motorings genuinely good all rounders.

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