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Defecting Sorry Good bye Audi.

maxlbrown Oct 31, 2008

  1. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    Sorry but 7 months wait for an A3 or A4 is in my book unacceptable especially in this climate.

    5 weeks for a BMW Sorry I'm off. as BMW have recalled all the dealer builds and scrapped the production to reduce waiting lists.

    Coming next month

    BMW 118D Alpine white 5 door msport with red leather and upgraded stereo and speakers and a few more toys.

    119g co2 and 144bhp and up to 72 mpg (had 1 for a week on test and averaged 49 on a car with 800 miles on) when run in will be better.

    Wont even go into mercedes i felt like i was scum when i dealt with them they werenot interested other than to spout on how good they cars are (sorry actually worse figures then Audi or BMW even the new blue efficiency is just a cut down version of the bmw ED)

    So ta-ra all

    For sale

    Audi A6 SE 2000 model Dark metallic blue
    147K fully serviced recent cambelt and water pump and most other stuff that goes wrong on these.

    Looking for around 2k

    Cheap plug


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