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Decisions decisions

tyt590 Oct 23, 2009

  1. tyt590

    tyt590 Ride It Like You Love It

    Ok, I've got a dilemma... Well an Audi A6 (1999) to be precise... with a blown engine!
    Question - Do I repair it or break it?
    If I repair it, it'll owe me around £9000 all in.
    If I was to break it, who would be interested in any parts?
    I don't want it lying around for months and I don't want to sell just the wheels, leaving it immobile.
    So, what would you do?
    Oh, and money isn't too easy either!
  2. Cockney Boy

    Cockney Boy Member

    It may take you a long time to break it, and i dont think you would get yor money back on the bits you sell, Door panels would be a quick sell, along with some of the interior, but it may be a better idea to get it repaired, as secondhand car prices are on the rise.
  3. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    A '99 A6 is unlikely to ever be worth £9000 so it would depend on how long you would plan to run it after you repair it. If you are saying it will cost you £9000 to simply replace the blown engine then I would say it is clearly not worth it as you could buy a much newer (probably C6) A6 for that. If the £9k is based on the all you have put into the car including the repair of the engine and the original purchase price then it may be worth getting the engine done - probably ultimately depends on the overall condition of the car (do not want to replace the engine and then find the gearbox is on its last legs).
  4. tyt590

    tyt590 Ride It Like You Love It

    Thanks for your opinions lads. The car will cost £9000 all in (everything I've spent) including the engine and money being as it is at the moment, I think I'm gonna break it and just cut my loses. Sad but these things has to be faced up to and accepted. So, if anyone is looking for spares, gimme a buzz. As I said earlier, I don't want to sell the wheels or similar first and end up with an unmovable car but everything has to go... eventually.
    Now I'm gonna go and cry in my coffee as I get over my loss!
  5. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    What engine is it that has gone? Is the rest ok?
  6. tyt590

    tyt590 Ride It Like You Love It

    Hi Byzan, it's a 2.4 APS, 30 valve
    Number 1 piston shattered +snapped exhaust valve (same cylinder), the rest is fine. I'll try and get some pix but don't hold your breath, it's a nice straight car.

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