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Decisions?? 02 S3 V's 04 a4 avant 1.8t 190

2pac Jan 9, 2011

  1. 2pac

    2pac E3 APC

    Looking as changing from vw to audi. Needed a 4 door when the baby came along and now fancy a change from my Bora. I've always fancied an S3 but I've also also had a hankering for an estate (autobahn cruiser stylee) Been to look at 2 cars this week

    1. 2002 S3 in that purpley blue colour with the blue alcantara/leather seats. 80k miles, FASH, lots spent on it, loads of bills, 2 prev owners, last being DR Brain, who gave it anything it needed. 6.5k but only offered 2k part ex

    2.2004 1.8t 190 a4 avant s-line in silver. FSH, 85k, offered 2.5k trade in. 7k

    Pro's and Cons for both cars. I don't have time to mess around with cars like I used to what with work and a 1 year old daughter. S3 is the heart purchase, A4 is the head. Could keep the A4 for a good 5 years or so, S3 would be getting a bit long in the tooth in maybe 2-3 years. S3 is insurance 17/18, A4 is 14. MPG's pretty similar.

    Whats milage like to these two engines?
    Remap potential for better throttle response with better mpg's?
    Any horror stories?
  2. jdas03

    jdas03 Member

    I can speak for the S3 owning one for a couple of years.
    Great performance imo from standard for a hatch, though once mapped the difference is pretty significant!
    engines even on mapped cars are very strong, it also uses the 1.8t (maybe the same as the A4 with slight upgrades?)
    downside of them for many is addictive modifications, theres alot you can do to make it an amazing a to b car, especially in the handling department where an 80k miles s3 will be tired and wallowy! list of mods for many on this forum is endless and costs a bomb! lol
    35mpg can be had on motorways, alot less with a heavy foot...
    No horror stories though good inspection is essential as a 9 year old car bits can go...

    If it was me i'd have the S3, rarer, pretier, practical, fast and fun :)
    But i own one so im biased :p
  3. 2pac

    2pac E3 APC

    These are two issues I already have in my mind for Not wanting the S3 and wanting an S3!!
    I've always spent money on my cars, XR2, RS2000,3 Pulsar gtir's, 200sx, 3 type R integras. All been modded. Prob is with work and baby I don't even have time to wash a car properly let alone do anything else, so I thought get something nice, now, that will last 5 years. The A4 will be nice, comfortable yet quick and practical. But then the S3 will still have that rare special feel, but I know I couldnt leave it alone.
  4. jdas03

    jdas03 Member

    I see your problem then, both fantastic cars im sure you would be happy with either!

    Theres no saying you need to mod the car, in standard form the car is pretty quick (probably no where near your list of previous cars though!) and being on this forum and the potential you can get its difficult to leave...
    Its certainly got the special feel to it as well, not that many around, i have had people asking about it, wanting a drive etc, maybe im wrong but you wouldn't quite get that from an a4?
    However the a4 is the sensible choice, S3 is practical and you can get alot in it, but nothing like the A4! Its probably a harder ride too due to its more sporting edge, also S3 is only 3 door which maybe impractical for you?
    What i'd suggest is post in the 8l A3/S3 forum on here and then also on the A4 forum state what you want from it and let them all do the talking and make your mind from there? That way you get people owning both cars that might not check this section of the forum?
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2011
  5. Oranoco

    Oranoco Well-Known Member

    Get the Avant and remap it, job done. There's nothing like giving somebody a bloody nose from a car they were not expecting a turn of speed from :)
  6. goon

    goon Member

    S3 no doubt.

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