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Decision made.... !!

DJM1982 Dec 7, 2011

  1. DJM1982

    DJM1982 Member

    Well, after about 3 months toying with the idea of selling my A4 and buying something else the decision was made for me today.

    Abit of background. My A4 is a 2006 sline derv, and has now covered 126000 miles, and starting to feel its age. Not so much engine wise, which is still very strong and responsive. But more down to the handling, it wonders at high speeds and steering getting heavy (not helped by my worn front tires). Had it in for a full service at a VAG specialist and he took it on a high speed run for me and checked all the running gear and he basically said that the shocks were not shot / dangerous but was probably the cause of the wondering and uncomposed ride.

    So i thought about just getting rid and buying something with alittle less milage than my A4. Found a nice 56 place golf 2.0gt tdi 170bhp with 80,000miles, so gave the garage a call. I asked about a possible part exchange and he offered me £4800, which meant cost to change would be around £2000.
    Whereas i have been given an estimate of around £600 for supplying and fitting new H&R shocks and springs, including 4 wheel alignment. Then order myself some new rubber and it should drive like new again. Saving me around £1000.

    So decision made, keep the A4 that i have had for a couple of years and know the history of and save money, and hopefully have a car that handles like a dream afterwards. And who knows, with the £1000 i save, i might even buy some ARB's aswell, haha
  2. macpdm

    macpdm Member

    Sounds sensible & some fine thinking there buddy respect is due.

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