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Decent hand car wash and mini valet discount (not asylum seeker wash)

cjsuk Mar 26, 2012

  1. cjsuk

    cjsuk Active Member

    Hi was just at a new hand car wash in Leeds and they are actually quite good they even took the time to remove scuffs off the bumpers, opened the doors and cleaned the inside door frames.

    That was just a wash and dry with tyres dressed.

    I had a word with the bloke who owns it and it turns out he has a car sales place in pudsey.

    Anyway if you go just ask for the boss and mention audi-sport.net he will do wash n dry for £4 usually £5 or a mini valet for £10 usually £15.

    All the staff are paying tax and NI lol unlike most hand car washes these days as the police would say they are all IC1 (look it up on google).

    I do prefer to wash my own car but sometimes I just dont have the time and a hand car wash is the next best thing

    LOCATION: A64 Heading in to Leeds over the road from dezinebathrooms shop york road leeds postcode - Google Maps

    The link is a streetview image just so you know, but it looks a little different now.

    Cheers all :)

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