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Decent 19" Alloys for B7

northernlight Apr 26, 2012

  1. northernlight

    northernlight Member

    Just testing the water, but I am thinking about swapping my current OEM RS4 style SLine 18s for a set of 19s. Anyone out there got anything they'd be interested in doing a px on? Only interested in top quality rims with decent tyres. Mine are in great condition, just a few small kerb marks and Uniroyal Rain sport 2's good tread all round.

    I have no storage space in my small London flat, so some sort of swap/px much preferred to me buying new/selling mine.

    Pic as below.

  2. Craig Cull

    Craig Cull Well-Known Member

    how many do you have? coz ive got 5 thats all. see what you think to these.

    not 1 little mark on the ones that are on the car, tinny little mark on the spare as you can see in the pic.


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