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Dealers are To--ers

dipstic Sep 26, 2008

  1. dipstic

    dipstic Member

    Not Audi related but still annoying,having sold my S3 and my old work astra I decided to buy a new Kia pro_ceed (dont laugh its the sport version and a diesel and to be fair 8 weeks on and 5000 miles its not doing too bad over 50 mpg without trying, mind you it takes a week to get to 60mph)
    Anyway the other half decided to replace her car (micra sport+ nearly 3 years old and done 8000 miles) she quite likes the new Mazda 2 so off we go test drive etc and she decides to purchase one and p/ex her micra.
    She spots a white 3 door sport one that has had full leather fitted (not a Mazda option) by the dealer.
    Due to us having a Golden retriever and although he doesn't drive:no: leather stops his fur getting into the seats so we looked at the leather one and noticed a few bits of the leather trim needed tidying up and due to the fact that there was no Mazda warranty on the leather stressed that it would require fixing before collection.
    The dealer agreed to have the bits sorted on the leather, gave us a fairly good figure on the micra so we paid a £500 deposit (all good so far)
    We arranged for the dealer to fit some lowering springs (Mazda option) before collection.
    The micra has private plates fitted which according to the dealer will take up to two weeks for the DVLA to sort out the documents (pretty sure it can be done over the counter at the local DVLA office) so we asked the dealer if the delay was because he wanted to get the car into his October figures and got told no.
    So last week we went to look at the car mainly to check on the leather,
    its sat on the forecourt lowered with our plates on it but the leather trim is still not finished correctly and although its not bad we dont want to be taking it back after a week to get the trim fixed so we express our concerns and the dealer again agrees to have the leather bits sorted.
    She wants the car anyway and the leather trim issue is really not a deal breaker so she rings up yesterday (car should be ready to collect sat)
    only to be told by the dealer that due to their concerns about the leather trim and the fact that she is so fussy they haven't sent off any of the DVLA forms (in fact said they went and got the forms back from the DVLA) in case she cancels the deal.
    So if we agree to accept the leather issue (which is minor anyway) they will then get the paperwork off to the DVLA.
    We can then the pick the car up next Friday, which just happens to be in October :wtf:

    Ringing up about another one today
    White sport non leather brand new F-CK THEM we dont have any problems with waiting for a couple of weeks
  2. mcc49

    mcc49 Stalled

    It's a shame the dealer was such a pain to work with, my cousin recently bought a new White Mazda 2 Sport also and it's a quite good looking car. Only gripes I had with it was the ride height which makes the car looks like its on stilts and the interior looks rather hollow.

    If your wife wants leather seats, why not have a look at the new Fiesta's? They are pretty much identical cars using the same chassis, both look good for a supermini but you can opt for Leather seats on the Fiesta.
  3. dipstic

    dipstic Member

    Had a look at Fiestas but she is quite taken with the mazda2 now its been lowered and with the leather interior it does look nice, just wish some dealers would be more honest in their dealings.
  4. richs2891

    richs2891 I cant spell !

    Odd considering how cars are not meant to be selling - unless they could not find someone -or the cost of the leather repair was too much / zero profit in it for them?
    I have been told by two dealers thats private plate transfer take longer for dealers than individuals.
    But then again queing up at the local DVLA office is a thing to be experienced NOT !!

  5. dipstic

    dipstic Member

    Dealer has just rang they are now going to replace incorrectly fitting leather parts but this will mean that car will not be ready for collection untill next Friday which is okay as its more important to get the leather sorted correctly but
    We have to now ring Mazda to re arrange their seven day free insurance cover so the new vehicle can be taxed, once we have done that the dealer will sort DVLA out (Fri to Fri ) I make that five working days.
    Bullshit somewhere or what:uhm:
  6. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 saloon S-line owners group Manual

    Stick to it mate, we all know they are ar$es, hope it all works out for you :)

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