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Dealer V Indy pricing differential

JimC64 Mar 31, 2013

  1. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member

    Ok so I've been using the dealer mostly for everything for 6 years now.

    My experience has been good, service great, good people and usually good results. They're not always the cheapest as I'm sure you know, but they're not always the most expensive in the long run either.

    However, moneys tight n times are getting harder for everyone. I've just been to the dealer and paid £265.00 for a fuel filter change and a new set of glow plugs fitted, now the brake warning light has come on.

    I've checked and pads "seem" fine, the discs are a little lipped but again " seem" fine.....I can't complain really as I'm almost sure they're the original discs, with at perhaps 1 set of pads fitted, maybe 2, I'll need to check, so they don't owe me anything.
    In fact I don't think I've had to look at my brakes for the last 3 years, although my mileage has dropped significantly to be fair.

    Anyhow, here's what I found......

    Dealer V Indy pricing differential
  2. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member

    Hey guys, just an update here as promised......

    Today was the day for the work on my car, this consisted of brake pads & discs all round ( genuie parts ) a brake fluid change and a coolant flush.

    The car was collected at 8.45am this morning, the driver asked me to do a walk round with him before I got the chance to ask him to do the same, which I was pleased about, all A ok and off he went.

    The car delivered back to my house today at 3pm with all work completed.

    The pads n discs look great.....I was about to repaint my hubs n calipers due to the beating they've taken this winter ( now only need to do the calipers )

    Everything looks great and the car is fine, well pleased so far.

    Make the right noises and they're open to a little negotiation as well, £475 all in was't too bad in the end and I'm well pleased withthe service and communication from them.

    The company is Audi Technik based in Bishopbriggs in Glasgow 0141 772 7666 and ask for Nicky

    As it stands at the moment I'll be speaking with them again for any other work I need doing, may need a front wheel bearing shortly by the sound of it.
    Can't complain really as I haven't spent much on here the last 3-4 years other than servicing / oil changes & tyres.

    Thanks for looking..

  3. MarkyM

    MarkyM Member

    I always ask what labour rates are since the parts themselves are more or less static.

    In respect of my Jag (XK8) when I wanted to fit a new grill that required removal of the front bumper my Jag dealer was circa 50% cheaper than than an indy as they had a 30 min schedule for removal/refitting the front bumper, so they charged me £75 to fit the grill and cut off the overriders. Indy wanted £200!

    I sometimes find that genuine parts can be sourced on fleabay, so by way of example one of the front fans inc control unit was £235, the part from Audi was £918. So I purchased and asked an indy to fit it which they did for £100+VAT...so was a no brainer. They (or main stealer) can't object to using a brand new OEM part. You can even supply your own oil or servicing which will often be half the price of any garages prices.

    For an upcoming brake pad change all-round am having Indy supply and fit to my 3.0 Quattro, all in inc VAT is £180 and I'll not loose any sleep over that

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