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Dealer TSB clutch of 2.5V6TDI Multitronic

69COU Jan 7, 2007

  1. 69COU

    69COU Member

    December 2005: Dealer TSB to replace current 6 pack clutch of 2.5V6TDI Multitronic with a new revised 7 part clutch as there is a known problem with the Multitronic being unable to cope with the torque of the 2.5tdi.

    What exactly is a Dealer TSB is this a AUDI cost repair irrespective of car age. Mine is a Nov 2002 car so would have passed the 3 yr warranty period a month after this.

    I read somewhere that the 7 part clutch effectively gives an extra gear when in Tiptronic mode.

    If not an Audi recall no cost repair, What cost would be expected with this clutch change if at own cost?

    Has anyone had it done and what was the experience?

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