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Dealer issues

dav63 Aug 6, 2013

  1. dav63

    dav63 Member

    Just wondering if anyone else had issues with there dealer like them not returning your phone calls even when they said they will etc.i recently arranged a test drive after waiting several weeks,dealer said she would phone me on the Wednesday to arrange times etc-no call - so after me phoning every day up until Sunday and leaving messages with reception and still no call back,I decided to go as arranged only to find out no car and :can't take you out cause too busy: me not happy !
  2. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Contact Audi customer services, that is terrible. I know that Audi dealers are notoriously bad at returning calls but that is ridiculous.

    Which dealership is it?
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Shockingly shxt tbh, go to another dealer & also do as Craig states, terrible service, name/shame.
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  4. Daveotto

    Daveotto Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Floret Silver Gold Supporter Audi S3 S3 Saloon

    could not agree more, had some very poor service from the dealers in the Herts/Essex area and for this car have been dealing with wimbledon audi, and although close on 90 mins drive away would not hesitate to use them next time....just goes to show what a good bit of customer service can do.
  5. Karl Alesbury

    Karl Alesbury Active Member

    When my dad was looking to buy his A4, he visited a particular Audi dealership and was left unattended for 30 minutes. Nobody approached him or was free to ask him what he was interested in.

    He walked back out and went an hour up the road to another dealership who immediately sat him down with a coffee and got him a decent price. I'd recommend you trying somewhere else straight away TBH.
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  6. 97catalunya

    97catalunya Active Member

    I have to say the chap at Southend Audi has always replied to my emails, but is knowledge wasn't great, I think he was still learning.

    We have a Sept 1st collection so they have put on a big collection party with BBQ and live music the night before and we all get to drive away at midnight on the 1st.

    So can't really complain too much ;)
  7. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Lets hope the party/bbq is alcohol free or they may be back as soon as they went out lol.
  8. Coxy234

    Coxy234 Member

    So far my dealer has been quality. I can't fault them at all. He said he would keep me informed and has done. He even called me to tell me he was going away for a few days an would call me when he got back.

    I had an decent deal too.
  9. 97catalunya

    97catalunya Active Member

    Ha ha yum no bubbly for me I'll be high on new car smell instead ;)
  10. mjcourtney

    mjcourtney Well-Known Member Team Mythos Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group TDi

    My local dealers were awful and have a terrible reputation. In the end I ordered from a dealer 2.5 hours away and they've been excellent. It's worth finding a good one!
  11. Jack24

    Jack24 New Member

    There is definitely a big difference between dealers. The first one (nearest) couldn't have been any less interested. I went further afield and found the next dealer to be excellent. Just waiting for 1st September now!
  12. dav63

    dav63 Member

    i ordered the car in april but wanted test drive to try different suspension, sound system and int" light pack.after complaining she eventually sat me in a car and said i could play about with radio while she dealt with another customer.this car was full of stuff,shirts shoes papers etc,i assumed it belong to someone working there,i have since discoverd that was the demo car being personally used by a rep! they haven't kept me updated on build dates even though i asked as i'd like to book time off work when collecting car.i know dates have changed because i've phoned or been down myself to find out; i just expected better treatment when buying a new car.going to dealers this weekend to see where my cars up to and will ask to speak to reps manager
  13. shady-ninja

    shady-ninja Active Member

    This an insight as to what you should expect if you buy a car from them and then have problems.
  14. Little Red Monster

    Little Red Monster Member

    When buying my A3 I went to SGSmith in Coulsdon, although often busy I found them very knowledgeable & attentive. The Ladies on reception were helpful too. Also negotiated with Northampton Audi, always responded to my e-mails and both appeared to be looking for business. Now to pick up the new car on Sunday 1st September..... I think they are going to be busy!!!!
  15. Schizophonic

    Schizophonic Well-Known Member

    I can't fault the service I've received from Audi in Nortahmpton (my local) but sadly they didn't have the car I wanted to buy (Ex-fleet)

    Went to Audi in Essex and received a slightly different and lower grade service but bought the car on the merit it was the cheapest in the country at that time.
  16. TonyH38

    TonyH38 Active Member

    My local dealership Bexley Audi were superb kept me informed by e.mail and phone when I ordered my Audi.
  17. geefunk1978

    geefunk1978 Well-Known Member

    I bought my current S3 from Grimsby Audi and they were brilliant, I've since ordered my new S3 through them as my local dealer (Nottingham) wanted me to make an appointment to even discuss ordering costs and part ex. I did it all over the phone and email with Grimsby Audi and they've really looked after me again. Couldn't recommend them more.
  18. Wickedlycool

    Wickedlycool Keep All For Wheels On The Track Audi A6 Black Edition TDi

    Just bought an Audi A6 after much searching. Despite there being nearer showrooms I went West London Audi (Huge Dealership and very nice). They gave me a test drive but failed to sell me a car!! Then went to Epsom Audi who were not much better! I only want an A6 Black Edition.
    Finally went to Coulsdon Audi who were great. I have not experienced the after service yet but I am expectant of the same.
    Recommend them.
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  19. zee23

    zee23 New Member

    I too received shocking service from west London audi which is very close to me , however I found epsom audi to be fantastic! Very easy to deal with and prompt to return calls and emails almost an hour away from me but well worth the drive !
  20. mikeyvee

    mikeyvee Member

    Crawley Audi very poor service after original salesman left and hadn't sent my final invoice after I made an engine change. The handover salesman wanted to charge me £250 more than cost of the change without being able to account for it in the invoice to which I refused as they couldn't show where it came from. He got agitated when I refused their gap insurance and Alloy Wheel protection. To put salt in the wound they had the cheek to say that if I was consulted by Audi to survey the experience I should speak to branch first before giving any negative feedback. I only used them as they initially offered to match a price I was quoted elsewhere.
    Funnily enough I was never surveyed I wonder why?
  21. Chrislake90

    Chrislake90 Active Member Audi S3

    I had my audi dealer quote me £462 a month for my car, only to get a phone call after i accepted to tell me they messed up and its actually going to be £540! Bit of a kick in the teeth. I moaned alot and got it down to £490 but still not happy i was under quoted.

    Then to top it off, i checked my bank acc yesterday and they have taken £1000 deposit when they agreed £500 would be fine! (This was a deposit to start the order, not the deposit for finance)

    Getting a bit miffed at how unreliable they are but, i want the car so have to persist :(
  22. pburv

    pburv Well-Known Member Team Glacier Gold Supporter Audi S3 quattro saloon DSG

    If you are not yet committed to contract I would search on line and find a better quote from car brokers there are plenty on line to choose from...
  23. lloydie1994

    lloydie1994 Active Member

    I bought my current A3 from Plymouth Audi and found them brilliant to deal with, i went back in a few weeks ago about changing my car and was bitterly disappointed with the service i received as a returning customer. I've got a service due in the next month, so will give them one more chance otherwise ill be off to Truro or Exeter.

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