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Dealer experience when buying vehicle

neil stait Jan 22, 2014

  1. neil stait

    neil stait Member

    How have your experience with car dealers been , here is mine

    BMW - Cheltenham

    No brochures for the 1 series , only high end 1 series and Mini's in the showroom

    Our sales person will call you sir, no call!

    Audi - Gloucester

    Only valid members of staff are the young ladies who speak to you on the front desk

    Sales people are arrogant and do not call you back, basically wear a suit when you go in or you will only be approached if you set fire to something

    Fleet manager also did not return my calls

    Vehicles were never available for a test drive

    Audi - Listers - Worcester

    Superb Service , two cars available for a test drive when required , Ash and Scott were respectful and professional without being too yes sir , no sir
  2. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon

    Audi - Eastbourne:

    Upon my initial visit not much interest was shown towards me when I queried about the A3 Saloon but I was informed that one would be coming to test drive and that there was 'no discount'.

    Second visit to test drive a saloon. More interest shown by the salesperson but not willing to talk any deals.

    Third contact by e-mail to request whether they would compete with a offer by a internet broker, they would and exceeded it. Much interest coming from them and deal struck.

    Since then they've been extemporary and I have had two loan cars from them as my order was delayed.
  3. lloydie1994

    lloydie1994 Active Member

    Audi - Plymouth
    Excellent Customer Service, reception staff always welcoming and quick to offer a drink, asked for a brochure not a problem.
    Asked if i wanted to speak to someone thought why not, i think they thought i was having a bit of a joke when i went in given my age, but i think they soon realised i was a Hot Prospect. Very informative and very thorough.

    Went in for test drive again excellent, met the Sales Manager who was also a very pleasant chap.
    Couldn't ask for a better set of salesmen, although with all those beautiful pieces of german engineering i think i was hypnotised into placing an order.
  4. wills_1990

    wills_1990 Member

    Audi - Parklands Gloucester
    After having had a quote from Tetbury, i rang Gloucester audi to see if they could better the price. They came back with an outstanding offer, the girl i am dealing with was great help and resulted in me placing a deposit. I then went up last weekend to sign a few documents and the service was great, including letting me take the S3 out for a spin that they had there.
  5. neil stait

    neil stait Member

    Audi Parklands Gloucester

    My experience was totally different

    I rang and was told a 2.0TDI and 1.4TFSI COD Sport were available , went to see them , no 1.4 TFSI COD on site , viewed a 2.0TDI

    Rang again was told they didn't have any 1.4TFSI COD as 'fleet' had taken them all. Rang Fleet manager who confirmed he 'may' have one, he would check and ring me back, during the initial call he then informed me I would need to wait 6 months for a car if I ordered it (without even knowing the spec required)

    This gentleman never called back

    Went in again to try to obtain a test drive on the Friday , was promised a call by a different gentleman on the following Weds, you guessed it no call

    Audi - Lister - Worcester

    One phone call on the Weds 15th Jan, Test drive of both vehicles on the 18th Jan

    Spoke to a gentleman there, told him it would be a company lease and how much my boss was prepared to pay, their quotes were a lot higher

    Received an email on Monday 20th Jan from the same guy telling me they had looked at the costs and would provide the car within my budget to the spec I wanted

    Audi Listers - Very professional
    Audi Parklands Gloucester - I allow you to draw your own conclusions
  6. M_D_O_London

    M_D_O_London Active Member

    Chingford Audi (North London)
    Went for test drive in a Q3. Car was quite dirty inside and out, (poor - considering it was a demo car). Sale-woman was completely clueless (claimed she had just joined the car sales business from an estate agent).

    Parklands Audi (Gloucester)
    Exception service. Emailed numerous dealers to see if could get a match on broker price. Parklands came back immediately and bettered the deal so paid the deposit over the phone (car was outright purchase). Dealer wasn't that great at providing updates on the order but they managed to get the car in only 9 weeks from order to collection. Travelled up from London by train to collect my car and sales-person kindly collected my wife and I from the station in a rather lovely A8.
  7. thedooker

    thedooker Active Member

    BMW Aberdeen - Didn't seem to know as much about the car as I did (that's what the internet is for guys!!) and were very arrogant when i got a quote for the m135i - they asked me "So when can we expect your business? This deal is only for 48 hours so we'll see you tomorrow" ....erm NO

    Mercedes Aberdeen, no-one seemed that interested in me. They didn't have a demo and said that I should order based on reviews. Really???

    Audi Aberdeen - Scott and the rest of the team were brilliant. Can't fault them at all really. Kept me well informed through the process and even let me have the handover booth to myself for 2 hours so I could put a coat of wax on it before I drove off. Even the aftersales has been good. A big change from my previous experiences with Ford garages.
  8. f1nny

    f1nny Active Member Audi A3 S-line owners group Team Brilliant Black TDi

    King's Lynn Audi

    I've bought two new Audis from them in last 16 months. Both times the customer service was excellent, from the receptionist to the service people. Sales was just as good, as from the initial order I was informed of every update on my vehicle, from build week to collecting. The salesman even sent me a drawing of my Audi worth £20 which was a nice gesture.

    Blackburn Audi

    Not dealt with them sales wise but the customer service from the other side of things seems to be good, an example of this being when I wasn't sure whether something was missing from my petrol filler cap area, so I just popped into Blackburn Audi at random, told them the problem to which a nice service advisor got me a Technician to come out and have a look for me. Hats off to them for that.
  9. wills_1990

    wills_1990 Member

    Sounds like there are some mixed reviews on Gloucester, as i said i mainly dealt with them over the phone or email to get a price so i didnt require much time in there showroom as i had already test drove the car i wanted at Tetbury. The girl i am dealing with has apparently only been on sales for 3 months, but she was excellent, Rang me back within 5 mins when i called, responded to my emails with in the hour (and that was even after i had put a deposit down).
  10. Scott

    Scott Well-Known Member

    Crewe/Stoke/Stafford Audi - would never deal with the Swansway group again after many previous AWFUL experiences. Too much to list. I also tried buying a car from Crewe Volkswagen approx 2.5 years ago, was lied to about allocation for 2 months, before CS told me the dealership had no allocation for Golf GTI's. Was verbally abused in the dealership by a member of staff, and was then told to never go back. VW CS said that Crewe VW would write a letter of apology, but they never did. Also Swansway.

    Shrewsbury Audi - excellent to deal with, friendly, kept me up to date, DIDN'T LIE, did exactly what I requested for the handover (no valet, leave stickers, no number plate). Highly recommended and will deal with again
  11. Oyster

    Oyster Member

    West London Audi. its the Flagship Showroom for Audi World's Largest Audi Centre Opens in West London < Latest news < About Audi

    First looked at their used cars. All inside in warm/dry/properly lit environment. After discussing with the salesman for the used car side of the business we weren't quite sure what to do so he gave us hi card and the card of a colleague in new sales. Email sent was promptly answered.

    Phoned new sales guy a week later and arranged a test drive telling him I specifically wanted to drive S- line 1.6 tdi only in red color and I would also like to try a auto. Turned up at the appointed time and drove the S-Tronic did't like it. Then tried a manual which was waiting. During that morning I had three hours of the salesman's time and about an hour of his colleague in finance. At no point were we pressured or rushed. They tried to accommodate as much as they could. I looked at the specs of all the S- Line's they had in stock and settled on the one I drove. A factory order was just too long a wait (my existing car Ford Orion was close to death:( - I owned for 18 years doing 149000 miles from new:rock:). They gave me a very reasonable trade (I know my old car and I definitely got the best of the deal). Discussed discount and signed on the dotted line and paid cash.

    Third visit to collect the car a week later and again had two hours of the salesman's time. Even though we knew his next appointment had arrived he did not rush us during the handover and answered all our questions.

    I had a follow up phone call the following Monday and he asked me if I could build him a B&Q as I was a builder(Now Retried) and the next day I did, all free of charge, he was over the moon.

    Last week he gave me an excellent good deal on 3dr S-Line and this week changed my mind to saloon, when I rang him he said I keep the discount on the saloon:p

    Now bought secound Audi from the same person

    The best bit is the underground service bays - the technicians must feel like they are in a submarine all day!

    Worth a visit just to sample to atmosphere, and of course their coffe:wub:

    I will go back and would certainly recommend.:redrs4:
  12. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Since 1998 all my new A3s have come through the same dealer and same sales person. Huntingdon Audi.
    They have also done all my service work and I have have no complains with anything. The have always given excellent service.

    The only small problem we have had was when my wife booked her A1 in for it's first service she asked for a loan car and asked for details of the car so that she could cover it on her own insurance (rather than be subject to the £1000 excess on their load cars). She was given the details, sorted it with her insurers but when she arrived they changed the loan car. She was not best pleased. She rang me at home and I said, forget the load car I will come and pick you up. Later that morning the Service Manager rang her and apologised and said what could they do to make amends. She said my car would be due for service shortly so some money off that would be welcome. He then said they would do the service for free which they did. So we were both pleased with the outcome.
  13. neil stait

    neil stait Member

    So basically somebody at Audi made a mistake and accepted this and rectified the issue to the customer's satisfaction, it's not too much to ask really is it

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