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dealer discounts

PaulHelyer Feb 24, 2008

  1. PaulHelyer

    PaulHelyer New Member

    I am just about to order a a4 s line cabrio, what sort of discount should I try to achieve from the dealer? I have heard anything in the region from 6 to 10% of mrrp, does this sound right?
  2. bigfirefly

    bigfirefly New Member

    I was looking to purchase the same sort of car, and it was easy to get 8%.

    Just look at some car sourcing websites at the discounts you can get. Print off the details and take to your local Audi dealer. They should be able to get very close without too much effort.

    If you need the name of an Audi dealer and salesman who will sort this out for you, PM me.
  3. PeterS

    PeterS Member

    I'd agree - start with an on-line quote from a broker. We got 10.3% off my A4 Cab and 11.1% off the A3, both bought through brokers but sourced and delivered from main dealers


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