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selector007 Dec 3, 2012

  1. selector007

    selector007 Member

    I have just become a proud owner of an Audi A3 sportback black edition(2010)!!!! Hooray!

    I have not had deadlocks on my previous car so am unsure how this works on this car.

    Can someone clear this up does the car become deadlocked on 1 key press and on two key press the car alarm is disabled? As i have been pressing the key twice thinking the car is deadlocked!
  2. Artimus

    Artimus Shortback

    Deadlocking is automatic on MY09 cars.

    You can test yours by sitting in the car and locking with your remote, if you can't then open the door with the interior handle it's deadlocked. The interior & (in some cases) tilt sensors are disabled by pressing the little button on the drivers door lock edge! an LED lights to confirm they're off.

  3. maninthestreet

    maninthestreet Active Member

    Pressing the LOCK button twice on the remote, where the second press is within 2 seconds of the first press, disables deadlocking, but does not disable the alarm, IIRC.

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