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Dead S4 - sort of...

s4best4 Jun 25, 2013

  1. s4best4

    s4best4 Member

    Hi There

    Having major agro with my B5 S4. To cut a long story short, drove to supermarket fine but when i came out car turned over but just farted a bit and stopped. Tried again and same thing-called RAC out who tested everything to no avail, then went underneath and hit fuel tank near where fuel pump is, and car roared in to life when cranked. So, sticky fuel pump? Drove home 40 miles, and all good. Booked car in for repair in a weeks time, but now can't drive car to garage as tank/pump needs hitting every 5 mins before conking out-no fun in London...

    is this a common prob or am i barking up the wrong tree?

    Any ideas greatly received!
  2. Bradderz_1988

    Bradderz_1988 Dont replace it, Upgrade it !!

    Fuel pump is pretty suspect here if youve got basic tools you can do the pump yourself there pretty easy tbh, when mine went whilst driving up near lytham st annes it just sort of powered on and off giving a horrible shunt of the car then it eventually packed in about a mile from IN2DEEP's house after some cranking it fired again then literally the street round the corner from his it totally died, had too push the car to his i was fooked after two of us just pushing it lol luckly he had a pump from his TQS which he threw in with the rear s4 bumper so i got lucky as i was about 80 miles away from home !!

    tools needed are -

    phillips screw driver
    large flat head screwdriver
    some snips
    a suitable sized spanner 24-30mm should be ok as you need to put into the inners of the pump and twist the pump out.
    you may need a selection of 8-13mm crimp or jubilee clips incase you butcher any !!

    Thats all i can think off, oh and don't forget to disconnect the battery you don't want wires sparking near your tank on the chassis.

    If the tanks full be prepared to be covered in fuel as mine was and got covered in it lol !!
  3. s4best4

    s4best4 Member

    Many thanks Bradderz for replying-your story is all too familiar-had to push mine too...
    Had to get it fixed and yes, was a knackered fuel pump. Thanks for all the tips on how to do it, but I had neither the time nor patience to do such a job!

    Had to get a new one from Germany as not a common fault?
  4. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    Fuel pumps are packing up over on the 8L forum too. Not quite to the extent of the car cutting out but 9 out of 10 cars that go on a dyno are running lean at the top end due to old tired fuel pumps.
  5. shady-ninja

    shady-ninja Active Member

    that should produce some sort of whinning buzz whenn the pump packs up or prior.

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