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dead MAF? AFB 2.5 tdi

audi2.5tdi Nov 20, 2013

  1. audi2.5tdi

    audi2.5tdi Member

    could I have a dead MAF

    car feels lack luster, was in my dads identical car at the weekend, much stronger than mine, no flat spots anywhere

    mine is especially flat 2500-3200/3500 then seems to pick up again

    i ran the log on VCDS this evening after spending the day changing the timing belts, wp, thermostat, all rollers, idles, tensioners, aux belts and tensioners, rollers

    timed the fuel pump with VCDS

    the log I ran was on measuring block 3, i have the excel file, and according to the manual at 3k rpm the reading should be 850-900mg/h

    im getting

    @3039 RPM

    MAF specified 792.9

    MAF Actual 451.4

    is the MAF toast?
  2. PAULF

    PAULF Active Member VCDS Map User

    Did it occur after the belt change?

    Did you lock the crank and cams when you changed the belt?
    VCDS will only time the pump.
  3. audi2.5tdi

    audi2.5tdi Member

    No was like this before, I did lock the cams, crank, injection pump them time with VCDS when warm..

    the injection pump timing was retarded before I started, between the middle and bottom line, now nicely between the middle and top lines
  4. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Swap the maf with your dad's car, if it goes better then it's duff...
  5. audi2.5tdi

    audi2.5tdi Member

    not going to see him for a fortnight as hes off to scotland

    ive just picked a new bosch one up from Euro car parts

    much better, hopefully will equate to better fuel economy aswell!

    still not convinced its running 100% though

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