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Dead A3 :-(

Jackson_a3 Mar 27, 2012

  1. Jackson_a3

    Jackson_a3 Member

    Hi guys, my A3 decided not to want to wake up this morning..

    Trie unlocking it remotely with the key fob - nothing. Key is less than 1 year old (had to get a new one from Audi after losing my old one). After unlocking it the old fashioned way with the key, tried turning the ignition and there was nothing.

    Could it be dead car battery? Again, only put a new Bosch one in a year ago. Any other ideas before I start taking bits off!?
  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

  3. Reload

    Reload Bird is the Word!

    Sounds like a dead battery to me mate, could be alternator, duff battery or a bad earth connection meaning your battery is draining to the chassis
  4. ChaddyA3

    ChaddyA3 Member

    Have the battery tested buddy,if not that then it could be other things mentioned :) Cheers
  5. Alais DJA

    Alais DJA Member

    Jump leads time
  6. Diamonddee

    Diamonddee New Member

    Hi Jackson_a3 ,, I'm New to this sorta thing,, But Only joined after spending Over £600 to find out what MY problem was, Or Should i say Is !??!

    This is going to be Long,, But bare with me & hopefully you'll take heed & Not do the same as i.

    Well,, My problem started just like yours,, Car wouldn't start, Took it to my Local garage Who said it needs a new battery, Went Audi's and got 1, Next day (Still wouldn't start), Took it to another garage Who (after plugging it to the comp) said that at night the radiator fan wasn't switching off (therefore draining the battery), 2 days after replacing the fan, Guess what ?? :faint: ??

    I thought,, i've had enough of these local garages claiming to know what it is/was,, I took it straight to Audi who said it was the alternator. Got that changed and feeling Happy,, Then Guess what ?????????? Again, 2 days later :keule:

    After a lot of thought and nowhere else to turn,, i thought i'd give my insurance company a call (Didn't know Why, Maybe just needed some1 to talk to), Well, to My surprise, the woman i spoke to said "You've got RAC cover, Why don't you give them a call",, So that's exactly what i did.

    RAC came round, and i think After explaining ALL what i had been thru, I think he took pity on me, because he said "Don't worry Son, I'll get to the bottom of it" (Thank F$$K),,,,, 20mins later, He calls me back out and started to explain,, My A3 has a built in CD/DVD system (Model; RNS - E) Which seems to be the problem, (And after joining this site have found out Many others have had the same thing).

    I have since taken the system out, and have had No Problems whatsoever,, But What i want to know/Don't understand is ????, I've taken the system to 3 radio specialists (As Audi are telling me £600), Who have ALL told me to Buy a new one :hubbahubba: ,, Is There ANYONE out there that can give me any suggestions ????

    PS; But Whatever you do,, Do NOT jump start it !!!!
  7. marrick92

    marrick92 Member

    Just like the radio specialists have said, buy a new one.. a fancy sony double din thing if you have lots of dosh, if not then get yourself on ebay.. there is bargains to be had there!
  8. Diamonddee

    Diamonddee New Member

    LoL,, Are you Serious ???,, But out of curiosity,, What makes Everyone say that ??

    My Unit actually works Fine, But just can't be left plugged in over night,, SURELY it can be repaired ??
  9. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Why on earth would you advise against jump starting it?

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