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Dead 2.5tdi cabriolet

CarlAdams Jul 3, 2013

  1. CarlAdams

    CarlAdams New Member

    Hello , wonder if anyone has any ideas on this one , I have a few theories but be interesting to see if anyone has seen this before
    the car is a 2.5 tdi a4 cabriolet 2005 but old shape . I bought it as a project , the issue is dash is dead , the radio is dead all the other electrics work .vagcom can not find anything ie it says it's not connected and check the lead,firmware version etc used mine and a another laptop lead etc just in case , looks like a Fred in a shed has been messing about as top is off ecu and various fuses in the footwell ! The car turns over but won't start ,the key locks the door but only manually the alarm goes off but won't cancel even when you turn the key relock the doors etc Thanks in anticipation
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Welcome to the forum.
  3. Audi Doodah

    Audi Doodah Active Member

    I'd suggest getting a Haynes manual and checking against the wiring diagrams for fuses, relays etc (footwell, engine bay and ECU). Could be that the previous owner has killed the ECU. There's not going to be a quick fix for the problems you describe...good luck!
  4. sammi

    sammi Active Member

    Id suggest sell it ?! ;0) we had a b6 2.5tdi that had electrical problems due to a wet floor well on the passenger side. we were lucky enough to dry it out before it caused a long term problem. We were however left with one issue that would not go away which was a similar problem with the alarm and were told by audi the only way to fix it was a new ecu. I imagined what you had described is how our car would have ended up if we had not have spotted the wet carpet! Good luck in getting to the bottom of it!
  5. CarlAdams

    CarlAdams New Member

    Just a quick update , the car it appears had suffered a massive voltage shock probably due to a terminal battery and very poor use of jump leads and charging , most the systems are now up and running after replacement of dash /radio etc , vcds has cleared most of the fault codes just the dash match skc code imoboliser to resolve !! however the soft top control unit is no response from controller , other than the obvious ( it is dead ) anyone had a problem with one . Thanks

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