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Daytime running lights

b19ctr Jul 7, 2010

  1. b19ctr

    b19ctr The King of Cannock

    Hi all

    Had my 2007 A3 Sportback Sline delivers today and i'm really happy with it but a couple of questions.

    The daytime running lights bulb is a 21W bulb is it possible to get an LED version?

    Second I've got the MK2 TT Light switch unit to put into the car i've had a look and got the original front of the light swich off but it dosn't seem to want to come out as one unit. Any advice on swapping this?

  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    you mean the whole light switch unit? IIRC To get that out you push the knob in at rotate it anti-clockwise until it goes no more & then pull the whole unit out.

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