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Day of servicing on the 1.8T - GEAR CHANGES

FergyA3 May 6, 2013

  1. FergyA3

    FergyA3 New Member

    Did a bit of planned maintenance today..

    Dropped the engine oil today (only been in there for 3000 miles lol) in favour of changing it to some 0w40 castrol edge for the summer (40 grade is apparently better for a mapped car in higher temperatures). Of course used a new OEM filter and sump plug.

    I also changed the gearbox oil this month as I wasn't sure when the last time it had been changed was. I've always had a whiny first gear and I put this down to 125k of use on the box, but amazingly.. Some fresh MT-90 75w-90 oil (£48 for 3L ouch!) and my noise problem was gone! gear changes are effortless now and it will drop in any gear nice and slick. I really recommend this oil is changed to decent stuff.

    Polybushed my dogbone too.. Sheared 2 bolts. Managed to drill one out but the other is in the gearbox casing and I dont want to ruin it! So leaving that to somebody with easy outs and a bit of experience! I have to say this mod is the best £20 i've ever spent! Engine feels much more connected to the wheels and clutch control becomes a lot more precise! (apparently the vibrations will settle down in 500miles or so, even the red diesel one is slightly bumpy).

    Changed my fuel filter too and I have to say I can't notice a thing, but that's it out the way for a while.
  2. olibattman

    olibattman Member

    Hi there Fergy, sounds like your planned maintenance is all going swimmingly, nice one.
    One thing of interest above for me... With regards to your dogbone mount, i got my polybushes for it a few weeks ago and was looking forward to a nice easy job... sheared one of the subframe bolts though (doh!)... Just wondering how you managed to drill out the one you were successful with? Its being a pig and i've only had a go a couple of times and got lazy... Got hold of some centre-punches to try to get a decent start with the drill but they were awful and blunted within 2 hammer-strokes! Any tips on how best to do it? Cheers :)
  3. FergyA3

    FergyA3 New Member

    I had to drill it free of the mount by drilling the aluminium of the dogbone to free it off the bolt. You will find it is not seized in the subframe but the unthreaded bit of the bolt has welded to the dogbone itself. I had to order another dogbone mount on the bay (£12 for a decent second hand TT one) :blush:

    I also sheared one in the gearbox itself.. Had to drill that out with a 10.3mm drill and then helicoil it! Had the help of a mate ( Mk4 owner :/ ) who has an awesome jack so got the car much higher than normal, made the work easier!

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