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dashboard clocks flickering needles and rev counter and speedo stop and start working

Carpy25 Nov 29, 2011

  1. Carpy25

    Carpy25 Member

    I've got it
    know its a common fault , same as th TT's lots of companys repair the cluster , but what part do they actually change reason i ask is i have spare dash with SKC number i was going to swap but chickened out so was thinking i could just change the faulty part , know it could be soldered in but that not a problem

    my fault seems to be some thing like a voltage regulator as my needels drop when i increase the load by braking (brake light blubs ) or even putting the indicator on

    its ok when cold after five mins its up and down then after about 10 mins the revs and speedo are ok the fuel and temp stay 99% of the time on max and don't flicker much any more , with the temp gauge on max the temp warning light comes on my rad fans run all the time stopping the aircon working had the wiring checked out and th fault is in the dash

    hoping to get away with a cheap quick fix

    also can someone recommend one of these could save me a few calls if a DIY fix is off







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