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Dash bulbs

fARQUARE Mar 1, 2009


    fARQUARE Member

    Hello folks, I'm new to audi ownership, been tinkering with mk2 golf GTI's for the last 5 years only to take a sabattical to a 306 and a motorbike.

    Picked up this B5 pre facelift 1.8t sport a few weeks ago and am pretty pleased with it.

    I have a few problems however which i'm hoping you can help with; some the dash bulbs have blown - i've already taken the binnacle out to get one of the offending bulbs so i can get the right bits from audi. My question is, the led display for the mileage is pretty much crooked. It does light up but is very faint - is there a bulb behind this which illuminates the display (circled below) or is this a more annoying problem.

    I've read all about led displays and the pixel problems people have with them but this seems like a backlight rather than a led problem, i'm hoping its just a bulb and an easy fix.

    Here is a pic of the offending article and a few of the motor.







    finally, this is the dash bulb, are all the binnacle bulbs the same?

  2. dieselfitter251

    dieselfitter251 Blow ma own trumpet?

    Nice motor mate. Been working on my dash too. I think the Mileage unit is sealed though I do think it can be unplugged and repalaced without to much hassle, though don't quote me...
  3. tazzy baby

    tazzy baby Welsh & Proud

    Hi mate welcome to the site im not to sure about that sorry, nice car by the way is it lowered if so what with

    Tazzy baby
  4. Lee Goodall

    Lee Goodall Active Member

    Hi mate,

    Have you tried altering the brightness with the adjuster?

    You probably have but just a thought.

    fARQUARE Member

    Yes, tried the adjuster - it made it just about visable.
    I have bulbs coming to audi service dept tomorow - apparently there is one which backlights the mileage display, the other ones are 1.1w so I have a few of each as spares.

    I will post the part no's for info if anyone else needs them.

    The car is lowered -30mm springs only i think (done by the last owner) as it's the sport spec I beleive it has uprateed shocks anyway.

    As for the other plans, I want:

    a central armrest ( to complete the armchair effect)
    cambelt, waterpump and thermostat change
    remap (thinking custom code)
    brake bleeding (feel a bit spongy)
    remote central locking (looking at the ebay ones)

    and thats it - really happy with it!

  6. d4mo

    d4mo Member

    fARQUARE > What year is your pre-facelift? I've just got myself a 99' Avant quattro which didnt have a remote central locking key. I did some digging round on this forum and found that my central locking vacuum was remote capable, Sienna then kindly let me know what frequency it was working on and I bought myself a second hand fob key from ebay for £33. Took it to my local key cutting place who kindly cut it for free and then it took me 15 seconds to match it to the car using instructions I had also found on the forum. All I need to do now is sort the immobiliser transponder out, which I have already got the software and cable to do, just need to find the time to work out how to use it :)

    Might be worth checking out what you have before getting an aftermarket remote system or ordering a fob as I didnt realise how many different ones there were.
  7. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    His car is a 96MY judging by the Audi badges on the front wings, the same as ours.

    Our car isnt only not remote capable, but the pump is quite different, so its not even easily possible to swap the pump for a remote one like you can on later cars. The rclick kit is about the best approach, cheap, pretty easy to fit (theres only about 6 or 7 wires required) and does the job pretty well.

    I've had the remote part fitted to ours for about 4-5months now, however i've only just got round to getting the keyblades cut to turn it into a proper flipkey. I'll hopefully be able to finish the key off by removing the immo transponder from the spare key at the weekend and get a complete working rclick key.

    fARQUARE Member

    Okay - here is the answer to the above:

    Apologies if the following is in laymans terms and is pitched way below peoples abitities.

    The mileage reading is a led display, but the screen is backlit by a 2v osram bulb and fitting. The other bulbs which were replaced were all 1.1v.

    Here is a step by step.

    1) adjust steering wheels so its as low and as close to you as possible
    2) remove upper cowl by unclipping it (pulling it towards you)
    3) remove the 2 t10 torx screws
    4) pull binnacle towards you
    5) remove cabling - mine was as follows:
    behind rev counter:

    orange multi connector (access from the left hand side, unclip the middle section with a flat blade screwdriver and pull out).

    single cable - unplug

    behind speedo:

    blue multi connector (as above except access from the right)

    orange multi connector towards the top:
    access from the left and below (if that makes sense) push in tab and pull with long nosed pliers.

    6) remove binnacle
    7) use flatblade screwdriver to twist out bulbs/remove with flat blade pliers
    8) fit new bulbs
    9) re-fit

    Audi part no's are as follows:

    1.1v (general bulbs) a4a0 919 040 c £1.37
    2v (mileage display bulb) a893 919 040 a £1.37

    Here is the finished product:
    using these:

    Next is buy and fit an armrest and aftermarket remote C/L system.

    Sorry for the bluury mobile phone pics

  9. RS_Rawli

    RS_Rawli Member

    my central fuel computer etc is all pixelated on mine and slowly gets worse the warmer the car gets, can these be fixed or replaced?
  10. fARQUARE

    fARQUARE Member

    there is a thread somewhere which suggests taking out the LCD display and packing it out to tighten the connection - its free so may be worth a shot?​
  11. mwarrey

    mwarrey Member

    Good write up, how many of each bulb do you need. I have to do mine and may as well change them all whilst I have it all apart.
  12. fARQUARE

    fARQUARE Member


    should have taken a photo of the back of the cluster.
    guess there must be 10-15 in total
    anybody else shed any light?

    looking at ekta there seem to be 12 warning lights
    4 small dials (1 each)
    2 big dials (3 each)
    mileage reading (1)
    central display (2?)

    easy enough to take out and check - feel free to add any photos to the thread to help anybody else who's got the same trouble.
  13. fARQUARE

    fARQUARE Member

    pics not working and cant change orig post:

    Last edited: Nov 29, 2010

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