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DAS 6 Pro v Audi Paint

ScottishA4B9 Jul 6, 2014

  1. ScottishA4B9

    ScottishA4B9 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi A4 S-line owners group TDi saloon

    [TABLE="class: tborder noskimwords, align: center"]
    [TD="class: alt1"] Hi All!

    Well I have finally got around to using my DAS 6 Pro on my own car.
    I watched all of Junkman's You Tube videos to get a feel for the techniques. I have then had plenty of practice on some body panels that I got from the local body shop and scratched them up good, and was amazed at how much correction I got.

    The problem is, my current set up of Chemical Guys Hexlogic pads and Meguiars 105 & 205 doesn't seem to cut it.

    I have spent a day so far on half of the bonnet with a Orange Hexlogic Pad and 105 but apart from removing a few scratches, it's not really touching it.

    I realise that Audi paint is hard and it takes time, but surely not this long?????

    I have very light scratches and swirl marks so it's nothing major.

    Should I get a yellow (heavy Cut) CG Hexlogic pad?

    Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.
    [TD="class: alt2"] [​IMG] [​IMG] [/TD]
    [TD="class: alt1, align: right"] [​IMG][/TD]
  2. ROB A3 Quattro

    ROB A3 Quattro no smoke without poke

    Hi I've just used the same set up (check out the thread) and managed to remove nearly all the marks I had and leave the bonnet with a glass like feel.
    What color is yours I can't c the pics on my phone I too used the junkman techniques with slow overlapping passes
  3. Mesa

    Mesa Member

    I use a DAS-6 with Hex Logic orange and only Megs Ultimate Compound (not as much cut as 101) and get good results on my Misano S3.



    That's only about 4 passes, one application of polish and not moved down to a white pad yet.

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