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darkside developments budget kit gtb1756v

bigal23 Aug 29, 2013

  1. bigal23

    bigal23 Member

    Been to a few mapping places and tbh darkside did not stop till they where happy did mine over 4 days took longer as is a quattro and had to pull the haldex fuse to run on the dyno.

    Have had maps by AMD which was shocking and terrible customer service will never go near them again.
    R-tech in Leicester great guy knows his stuff writes all his own maps but does not like hybrids as he says they vary to much when mapping
    Had a local guy in hull do one to all I will says is never going near him either.
    All these where on my golf, AMD one was on my golf and audi when I bought it.
  2. TDI140

    TDI140 Well-Known Member

    mine took a day to do about 6 hours straight logging boost on the dyno, will map to 1.9bar after s3 cooler i think but first its air ride for me,

    does anyone know whats the best way to get oil out of the OEM intercooler because oil on my tail gate and milltek tail pipes is really PI***NG me off lol
  3. bigal23

    bigal23 Member

    when I had a pd150 turbo went and had oil in intercooler and exhaust the exhaust was removered and left a couple of days to stand and drain. the intercooler I left in place removed the hoses cleaned them, then stuff I stuff plastic bag and wrapped one end of the intercooler I then jacked one side of the car up and pour brake cleaner into the intercooler till it cam up to the jacked up open end of it left it like that the let it drain then re-wrappd the end and filled again did this a few times was totally free of oil
  4. bigal23

    bigal23 Member

    can you psh the psi more because of the better connections on the s3 intercooler? as that's the only diffenrence between mine and s3
  5. swift

    swift Member

    There GTB2260VK turbo kit looks very tempting, I've heard that they spool quicker and can take more strain just don't know if you would have to mess about with internals apart from higher flow injectors to get to the 300HP mark.
  6. tdi-man

    tdi-man Well-Known Member

    The 170 tdi's have the s3 type connections on the intercoolers
  7. Been looking at kits for my 170, I cant make my mind up lol.

    bigal23 your car sounds like it really been transformed and is really drivable, my 170 is not slow but I often think it seems too sluggish

    Really need to ring them to see the best option for my car.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2013
  8. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

  9. Big Pumpa

    Big Pumpa Member

    Some good info in this thread. What are the main differences between the GTB2260Vk and the GTB1756v? I was going to go for the hybrid but definitely not going to anymore. I also agree with AmD customer service being a joke

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