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Damping adjustable coilovers on an Avant

mookie Oct 17, 2012

  1. mookie

    mookie Member

    Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can shed some light on a (hopefully) easy questions I have...

    With coilovers I'm used to running them on cars like Golfs and Corrados, where the strut top is accessible within the car (rears) or under the bonnet (fronts). However from reading the B6 coilover installation guide, it appears on the B6 that this isn't the case? The reason i ask, is because I'd like to run height and damping adjustable coilovers such as FK Sport Edition+ suspension and the damping adjuster was is a little knob on the top of the strut (on my Golf it was atleast...), but unless I'm wrong won't this sort of system be inaccessible? Or am I getting the wrong end of the proverbial stick here?

    Does anyone else run damping adjustable coilovers on an Avant? I'd like to control this aspect as I want the flexibility to stiffen the rear suspension if the car is fully loaded - it will be lowered but not on the deck, but I want to then have the chance to avoid rubbing (if any at all could happen).

    Hope this makes sense.


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